Monday, January 16, 2012

Smell mail!

My mom went to Pet Fair this weekend to see all the gorgeous LBR foster dogs looking for their furever homes. And she brought home a whole bunch of smell mail for me! How exciting. I wonder who all was there...

Oh, of course handsome Mr. Roarke was there! But wait, Mom, didn't he get adopted?! Oh, his new mom brought him by to say hello. Oh, that was sure nice of her! Hi, Roarke!

Hmm, I've sure got a lot of smell mail from the beautiful Miss Pink. It's almost like she was sitting in your lap half the time, Mom. I thought you said I was the only lapdog in your life!! I feel so betrayed... Oh, is that all? She just stole your chair? Phew, okay, that's a relief. I was getting worried.

Look at this handsome guy! Percy came to hang out with everyone before starting his heartworm treatment tomorrow. He looks very strong and brave. I'm sure he'll get through his treatment with no troubles at all!

Hi there, Zia! It's always nice to hear from you. I don't know why you're still around to go to so many pet fairs, because you're absolutely beee-YOU-tiful! I know you'll find the perfect furever family soon.

Little Luv thought her toy needed some luv-ing, I guess! Her smell has lots and lots of human scents on it too. I guess she was getting loved on and admired by bunches of humans while she was there.

Wow, who could resist that smile? Little Missy is a good friend of mine, and I always love hearing from her! I hear she was really sweet and well-behaved at Pet Fair, just like the sweet little lady she is. Don't worry, Little Missy, your family will find you soon!

Geez Louise, what a beautiful dog! Only fitting that her name really is Geez Louise, because that's all anybody can shout out when they see her.

Miss Alpine has the boxer pouty face absolutely perfected. I think she was getting lots of attention to. We had lots of the gorgeous white babies there, and they're always attention-getting!

See, here's another one! Ovie is a handsome teenager looking for his very own furever family to love. He's got lots of boxer energy to shower you with attention!

Aww, is that all? You told me that Tessa and Odin were going to be there too! Wait, they were there and you didn't get pictures of them?! Mom! You're fired. I'll just type the rest of this post mys--

Edit: Okay, Mom, you're rehired. Thanks for asking Tessa's foster mom for this great picture!


  1. That was sure some super pawesome smell mail you got there! Wow! I luved meeting all your furends. Lookit how Most Adorable they all are! I hope they all find their furever homes very, very soon. (Especially Zia. I don't know why she's been around so long either. I mean, just LOOK at her!)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Casey,
    All of your furiends are so sweet, we have our paws crossed fur dem to find furever homes soon. How can anyone resist a boxer face?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae