Sunday, November 27, 2011

Power of the Paw needed urgently!

Hello to all my furiends out there! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, with lots of turkey and friends and things to be thankful for. I'm thankful for all the amazing people and dogs of Legacy Boxer Rescue! And right now, one of them needs our help really badly. Charity hasn't been feeling well since she had her surgery a few days ago. She had to go to the emergency vet today, and they found out she has a massive kidney infection. It's so bad that her poor little kidneys have shut down. :(

The vets are trying lots of things to help her, but they don't know if any of it will work. If she hasn't improved by tomorrow morning, then they're going to help her to the Bridge. I know that vets are awesome, but the power of the paw is even more awesome. Please please please keep Charity in your thoughts and prayers tonight. She has so much still to live for, and I know Santa Paws has an extra-special gift already prepared for her.

Please send up your thoughts, prayers, or good vibes for Charity and her foster mom and dad, who are really worried about her. We have four sets of paws crossed at my house!


Update: I'm very sad to report that Charity passed away this afternoon. :( She was very loved, and I know she has lots of LBR cousins ready to play with her on the Bride. I hope my Aunt Nina shows her around.