Saturday, November 5, 2011

Join the Silver Paws Club!

Hey, did you know that November is "Adopt a Senior Pet" Month? Senior pets can make a wonderful addition to your family. They come to you with a lifetime of experience, meaning they already know important things like where is appropriate to potty and what is appropriate to chew on (not Mom's shoes!). They still love to play, but they're not as energetic as those crazy puppies are. That makes them champion snugglers! Plus, they've seen the big world out there, and they know what a good thing they have with you. Senior pets can be the most loyal and loving ones out there. Please don't overlook a wonderful pet just because of a little gray on their muzzles. Adopt a senior pet today!

If you're looking for one to adopt, here is LBR foster Roxie, who's looking for her perfect furever home. Is it with you?

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