Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Puppy Naming Auction

Yes, we have puppies, and they need names!  You can bid for the right to name a puppy on ebay.  Click here to join the fun!

I have some ideas for naming the puppies...  This boy should be Saffron, I think.

Hmmm....this guy is cute.  Maybe he will be Hericot Vert.

Look at this boy!  He should be Wedgwood.

This one I think should be named Clifford.

Oh, she is pretty.  I think Fuchsia would be a good name for her.

I will think on it a little more.  Meanwhile, you can go and bid to name one of the babies!  Click here to join the game! 


  1. Green looks like a "Termite" to me.

    For some reason, Mom doesn't let me name the new fosters.

  2. I won the blue one! I didn't name him Wedgewood, though, sorry. Mom and I put our heads together and named him "Satchel". That's after Satchel Pooch, a character from my favorite comic strip (Get Fuzzy), who was himself named after Satchel Paige... a baseball All-Star and a native son of Alabama! Very appropriate, right? :D

    I love my puppy. I hope Satchel can come over for a playdate sometime when he's old enough.