Monday, May 10, 2010

Just a small sampling

Saturday was Pet Fair again and by all the smells on mom they had a good turnout. You know come to think of it her face looked a little chapped afterwards, surely she didn't smooch on all these dogs (mom-oh yes I did!).
This is Zinnia and Wade. Just look at those smiles, they must like having their pictures taken.

This is Sassafras and Camacho. Their buds and enjoy it when they can hang out together.

This is Indica (fawn) and Kotton (white). They're a mother and son pair that need to be adopted together. If you want two dogs you won't get any better than these two.

Milky Way and Rhome. Rhome was showing off his skills! Milky Way looks a lot like me!

Last but not least, this is Dugan. He got adopted this weekend. Way to go Dugan, enjoy your new home!

This was just some of the dogs that made it out to pet fair and just a small sampling of the dogs with Legacy just waiting for their forever homes!

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  1. Wow, Dugan looks great! My mom told me how skinny he was when his foster dad first brought him home. I'm glad he found a forever family already.