Thursday, May 26, 2022

Licking paws

 The momma here asking for some advice. Matilda has always had allergy issues. She sees a doggie dermatologist and is on special allergy meds. Lately she's been licking her paws almost constantly. They're red, but I don't know if something's making them red and that's why she's licking them or if they're red because she's licking them. Now she's licked one so much it has raw spots and she's started limping on it. I'm kind of at my wit's end of what to do, and to top it off I have to leave her at boarding tomorrow night because I'm going on vacation. (Absolutely can't reschedule) Any suggestions for a frazzled momma??


  1. Sounds like allergies. Da problem are - we will keep licking once something is irritated, and then it makes it even more irritated - it can be a vicious cycle. One thing that can help is breaking the cycle - some kind of a barrier to block her from being able to get at the irritated paw. "Dog socks" sold to help dogs on slippery surfaces can help, so can a cone. We used to use a "comfy cone" for Finley when her allergies got really bad.

  2. Agreed. It sounds like allergies. Joey dog used to lick his paws a lot, but not to that extent. Maybe Matilda needs a little steroid medicine from the vet for a short time to let those paws heal.

  3. I'm late to give you any advice, but I agree about it possibly being allergies, aggravated by her licking. I'd suggest when you get back, if it continues, to wash/wipe off her paws when she comes inside, and maybe a Benadryl to ease any itchiness too. I hope Matilda is improved, and I wish you safe travels as you are away!