Monday, April 25, 2022

So many changes!

 Hey efurrybody! I know you haven't heard from me in a looooong time, but I thought I'd update you on some changes around here. I'm soooo tired because we've been working like dawgs around here for the past few weeks.

Wanna know why? Well, you can see some stuffs in the background there. We've spent the past few weeks up at our Best Guy's house putting all his stuffs in boxes, and he brought some of it down to OUR house. Then yesterday, we moved a bunch of our stuffs around and even put our bedroom furniture in another room! I thought Momma had lost her little human mind!

Buts she said that our Best Guy is going to be living with US now, and we needed to clear spaces to bring some of his stuffs in. We're going to be sleeping in his big spacious bed that gives me all the room I want to streeeeeeeetch out. AND Momma says because he works remotely -- and that doesn't mean anything about using a TV -- I'll get to hang out with him all day and be able to run and play out of my dog door instead of being crated all day while he's at work!!

And that's not all! Momma has a big binder with lots of paper and words and drawings that she said means a new place for us to live. Yup, they're building a brand-new house for all three of us to call home from now on! There's going to be lots of space for all of us, and Momma said she scoped out lots of spots for my dog beds. We're not going to be in there until around Christmas, so we'll be a little crowded in our house until then. But we think it's going to be worth it!

PHEW! That's a lot of new changes. We're all excited about them, but it's a lot going on right now. But once I have my days to hang out with our Best Guy all the time, I need to ask him a very serious question. If he's living with us all the times now, does that make him my Daddy now? I've never had one, so I'd like to know!


  1. oh wow a whole newhouse? that is a super idea... if you need help call us, we are good in diy projects (sort of)

  2. WOW!! Those sound like some pawsome changes Matilda...We can't wait to see your new digs!!
    Sunny, Jakey & Rosy

  3. I did a happy dance when I saw your post pop up. we have missed your beautiful face and stories. Congratualtions on a new daddy, a new bed, a new home coming soon and most of all FREEDOM from The Crate. YAY!!!!!

  4. Gee, how strange. We've been thinking about you for the last two days and now you blog. It has something to do with my new collar that has purple in it. These new changes sound pretty exciting and we are so happy for the three of you, Matilda!

  5. So good hearing from you again. Since Amber and Max went to the Bridge, I've kind of lost contact with Blogville. A new house being built is so exciting. I loved watching ours being built. Congratulations.

  6. How exciting. Congratulations on your extended family

  7. Just this morning we were thinking about you and wondering if everything was OK. Turns out it's more than OK, it's GREAT !!! Congrats on all the big changes. Your new house sounds wonderful.