Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Chianti's Quest

This sweet little lady is named Chianti. She's only 35 pounds, isn't she tiny??

Well, she was hiding a little secret when she was rescued from the shelter -- puppies!! Yup, she was very pregnant, despite how tiny she was. The skin kiddos in her foster home love video games, so they've developed a game called Chianti's Quest:

Level 1:  Our story begins with Chianti held captive by the evil troll backyard breeder chained in the back yard.  She escapes the evil troll in search of a better life for her and her puppies.  

Level 2:  Chianti is trapped by the dog catcher and taken to a scary shelter where she is terrified and doesn't know where to turn for help.  She worries and waits for help to come.  What will become of her puppies?

Level 3:  Chianti escapes the shelter with the help of an LBR volunteer (who becomes her foster daddy).  She is filled with joy and gratitude, but still worried about what is to come.  Where are they taking her?  What will they do with her babies?  She must keep them a secret until she knows it is safe.
**In the video game version, Chianti is collecting food and treats and puppy supplies along the way.

Level 4:  Chianti meets the puppy whisperer (Aunt Kaffy) and her secret is out.  What will happen now?  Will her babies be safe?  Will she ever get to meet them?  
**Chianti has to fight off viruses and worms and veterinarians that want to poke and prod her and foster parents that squirt cough medicine down her throat and take her temperature in this level.

Level 5: Chianti prepares her nursery with fluffy blankets and a warm bed.
**In this level (since her name is pronounced key-on-tea) she has to collect 5-6 keys (for the number of puppies they think there are) to unlock the next level.

Level 6:  This level finds our Queen locked in a castle while she waits patiently for her puppies to arrive.  What super powers will they have? 
**Her personal servants bring her food and treats and prepare a comfy place for her while she waits for the midwife.

Level 7:  Our Queen is expanding rapidly, almost ready to burst. Refusing comfort like food and warmth, rather choosing to trudge through cold rain to find a suitable place to meet the Quest babies.  The evil gatekeepers (her foster parents) refuse passage, so she naps instead, waiting for the perfect time to make her move.

Level 8: Chianti wakes to news that her puppies are coming! Sound the alarm, sound the alarm. Her panting and digging at her blankets sends her foster dad into delivery mode. Call the midwife, Call the wife wife, it's TIME!

Level 9: The babies begin their journey's into the light. Each one more precious than the last. How much cuteness can one mama boxer produce? 5, one for each point on a star. Our Quest babies arrive one by one to begin their search for their own happily ever afters.

Now Chianti's quest is over, and she gets to relax with her puppies with her foster pawrents taking care of them all. And she knows that all of them will go to loving LBR homes! I love video games with a happy ending, don't you?


  1. we have to sniffle some tears away...thanks to you and your friends from LBR for all what you do... and we wish all the best to the mama and her super cute pups

  2. Hari OM
    OMD this is the best game I've seen in a while!!! Hooorrrrrraaaahhh for reaching top level Chianti!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (who thinks this would have made a very fine FFF offering... maybe there is a Chianti's Quest II - Offspring's Hunt???"

  3. that last photo of her and her babies has my eyes tearing up. what a horrible story with a happy ending. I hope all the sweeties find good homes and that mama does to. she is sooooo beautiful.

  4. Oh wow, we needed some puppy happiness today. Thank you and congrats to the little family.

  5. The puppies are just precious. You are in good hands, Chianti.

  6. Congratulations Chanti! Those puppies are so cute. That would be a great video game.

  7. What an adventure Chianti had...we are sure glad the LBR heroes helped her complete her quest!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. Oh, that was an amazin' story!!! I do loves me a happy ending! I gots my paws crossed real tight that they will all find FABulous furever homes real soon!!!! HIGH PAW to everyone involved!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Oh my goodness! Chianti is beautiful and beautiful babies!!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  10. OMD Chianti is so cute and her babies are soo adorable!! Pawraying they all find wonderful furever homes :)

    Matt & Matilda

  11. What a loving dog mama and such beautiful puppies. I hope she enjoys all the time she has with them.