Monday, April 9, 2018

Jessie Update

The Momma here with an update on Jessie's health. I'm very worried and extremely frustrated with the vet right now.

So many of you know that Jessie has chronic renal failure. She's been battling it for more than two years, since she was only 1 1/2. (She'll be four next month.) About a year ago, we reached the point where the vet said there wasn't really anything else we could add to her meds and treatments, just keep going as long as she was comfortable and watch for her to get worse. She's been getting steadily more lethargic and losing her appetite for a while now. This morning, I took the dogs on a walk, which they're usually eager for after a weekend of faire. Jessie didn't want to walk. She actually laid down right in the middle of the sidewalk instead. That is COMPLETELY not like her and really scared me.

So I called her specialist and managed to get squeezed in this morning. Now, since we've moved, the specialist was an hour and a half away. I drove her up, freaking out the whole way. When I got there, we saw one of the other doctors in the clinic. (We saw Dr. B last time, this time was Dr. R. They're both specialists at the same clinic.) Dr. R started giving a whole bunch of "well, we can try this med, we can do this," and when I asked why Dr. B never mentioned them and said there wasn't anything else we could add, he had no answer. I don't know at this point which of them to believe and worry that Dr. R was just giving me stuff to do to make ME feel better instead of things that will actually help Jessie. I know that we can't do anything to cure kidney failure. I went there fully expecting to either be helping her to the Bridge or being told that's coming soon. Instead I have a bunch of Stuff but no real answers.

I also don't feel like Dr. R was listening to me very well about Jessie's symptoms. Like I tried explaining how lethargic she was and how unusual her behavior was. But when the tech brought her back in after she'd been getting tests done, she ran straight to me. Dr. R commented that she wasn't too lethargic because she'd shown energy running into the room. I feel like that was an exception because she was freaked out by tests and strangers and was running back to her mom, and he gave too much focus to that and ignored what I described about her lethargy at home.

So right now I'm just frustrated and not sure what I should be doing for Jessie or what the prognosis is. I'm supposed to do a few days of the meds he gave me and camel treatments twice a day instead of once and then call him with an update. I'm thinking I'll just see if I can get her in with our regular vet then instead. :( Thank you everyone for the POTP. I KNOW my little girl is sick -- she wouldn't even stir off the couch to go into the bedroom when I was leaving for work. I just don't know what to do to help her!


  1. Hari OM
    Andrea, I support you in your right to query the advice you have been given. I think it is amazing what can be done with modern cares for our pets... but I do worry that in our anxiety to hold on, we put them through much more than Nature ever intended. ... oh dear I do hope that doesn't harsh, but I think you are having these thoughts yourself. Make this time as quality as YOU can and trust that Jessie will let you know herself. Truly you have all my Love and hugs for this anxious experience... YAM xx

  2. Andrea...bless your heart I'm frustrated with you. I has always amazed me vets or docs at same practice with 360 degree different treatments.

    As you know Madi is also on Subqs. About 3 months ago her phosphorus levels were very high. Her vet started her on a phosphorus binder that I have compounded to sprinkle over her food. I do however realize that the kidney failure is somewhat different in dogs and cats. I hope and pray the meds will make a difference.
    You know Jessie better than anyone and you know what is best for her
    trust your excellent motherly instincts to do that.
    With love Cecilia and Madi

    Ps this is a precious photo of you two.

  3. So sorry to hear this and I know exactly what you mean when they do something completely different than what they usually do that's how you know there's something wrong because they can't talk. I agree what you said about taking her to your regular vet and I would do that as soon as possible prayers for all of you

  4. What a dilemma this is! It is too bad the vet today couldn't have consulted with your regular doctor to try to be sure they were on the same page. Talking to your regular vet might be the way to go. How is she doing now that she is home? So sorry for you having to go through this when all you want is to do what is best for Jessie. Hugs and prayers.


  5. Some vets are more up-to-date on new medications and procedures that others are so it's possible that one vet knew about something and another vet didn't. I am lucky I have a cousin in vet school and she is up-to-date on all the latest stuff and my vet is willing to research it when I tell her about it

  6. Still thinking about you and Jesse and saying extra prayers. My many years of experience having to say goodbye to my beloved furbabies has told me that they will find a way to tell you when it's time.

    Love and hugs...

  7. How very frustrating for you. We continue to keep you and Jessie in our thoughts and prayers♥

  8. Its so hard, you have to put your trust in the Vetpeeps and if you don't feel that trust is being earned its so frustrating!
    That is how one of the Vets previous paws Mia used to see earned the nickname Vicious Vet....she gave Mum a really serious telling off for not giving Mia a particular medication when the Vet they'd seen a week earlier said it was not necessary!
    Our thoughts are with you all, sending you lots of luffs and hugs and hope you find a way through this
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. I was thinking about you and Jessie all night long as my little old stella lay on my lap. Its hard enough to make merciful decisions with our loves but when you hear conflicting information it just make for a muddy road. I wish all our love here in blogville could make it much better. Deb

  10. Makes things so much harder when you do not have confidence in the vet. Hope a talk with your regular vet will give you some peace of mind.
    love and hugs
    Hazel & Mabel