Friday, December 4, 2015

Letters to Santa

Good morning, everyone! Today our buddy Ranger is hosting a blog hop to share our Letters to Santa. What a grreat idea! Although we already had a totally PAWESOME present yesterday, our new dog door. But we all wanted to write Santa a little letter anyway.

"Let me concentrate real hard on getting this right!"

Dear Santa Grandpa,

Furst of all, I want to say THANK YOU for being such an amazing friend to me. I'm sure you remember last year when I was just a pup and told you what I wanted more than ANYTHING was a furever family of my very own. It was a ruff road, but you GOT it for me!! I loves my Momma and my big brother Casey who knows EVERYTHING and my kitty sister Pigeon who snuggles with me sometimes. I have soft beds and couches and even YOU for a Grandpa!! (Casey says you're not REALLY Grandpa, you just look like him, but you and I know the truth, right??) And now I have a dog door of my very own at home, and I get to start obedience school this weekend so I can be as smart as Casey, and... what more could a girl want?? So please Santa, take all the toys and treats you've been saving up for me (I know there's a LOT), and give them to all the pups out there who are still stuck in a shelter like I was. They need it a lot more. And hey, if you could maybe help them find furever homes like you did for me?? You're the BEST, Santa!!

Lots of love,

Your little JESSIE!

 "Grreat job, kiddo! Now it's my turn!"

Dear Santa,

Thanks for humoring my little sister on this whole Santa Grandpa thing. Kids get the keraziest ideas, right?? But I really appreciate your coming and putting in the dog door for us. I've wanted a dog door furEVER, but we couldn't have one when Scribbles kept trying to escape. So that's pawesome for me!!

Santa, I've been a super good boy this year. It's been a ruff one. I've nursed Momma back to health after TWO marathons, I comforted her when we lost Cinderella AND Scribbles, and I've been teaching the new kid the ropes. Boy, that's ruff!!! So I think we both agree I've earned some serious points this year. I would like some nommy treats -- I like jerky treats the best -- and something new to play fetch and chase with. If it squeaks, that would be the BEST!! Other than that, please take my Good Boy points and use them to help my LBR cousins find their furever homes. I know all our LBR foster homes are eager to be holiday angels and save all the dogs in the shelters, so that's off your plate, but they need their current fosters to find homes furst. I know you can do it!!

Thanks, Santa. You're the best!


Well, that's it fur us, folks. Thanks for--

"Excuse me, but this is an equal-opportunity blog hop! Santa loves kitties too!"

Dear Santa,

It was hard getting this written with my DOGGY siblings taking up all the time, but I know you appreciate hearing from me. Santa, I have been VERY good. It's been a hard year, losing my beloved doggy sister and then the only other kitty in the whole house. I have to do ALL the kitty stuff in the house now by myself. It's exhausting! I have to purr TWICE as loud now. I've also been EXTREMELY patient with my new little sister. You know she likes to LICK me?!?! Really, Santa, right in the face and everything! So I think it goes without saying that I have been the BEST purrson in this whole household and deserve some extra special treatment.

My favorite thing to do is to rub my face and head over EVERYTHING I can find. So I'd really like some pawesome stuff I can butt up against. I really like the little fishy treats Momma gives me too, so a great big bag of those so I can have more than the miserly amount she doles out would be great. Mostly, Santa, I'd like a few days of peace and QUIET without being licked... but I know you can't work miracles!!

Love and purrs,


  1. Those are some pawesome letters to Santa. I think he will like those a lot and do his best to make your wishes come true :)

    Wyatt and Tegan

  2. Casey, Jessie and mom is older than dirt and she has been talking to Santa 87,000 years. She said to tell you your letters are the dearest and sweetest. Santa will be very generous at your house. Pigeon..I thought it was just me who was an obsessive rubber of everything. Once I turned off Mom's iPad when I rubbed to hard on the upper right hand corner.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Great letters to Santa! And Pigeon, we support you standing up for yourself.It must be tough with two canines in the house! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. BOL...what great letters!!!!! Pigeon...we really hope you get a few days of no lickies!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Pigeon that's a tasty wish.... I would like it :o) And I love the wishes of your doggie siblings, that's generous and I hope so much for a lot of furever homes....

  6. Awwww PIGEON that was a grand letter to the PAWSman... We are sort of stunned that you !!!
    and... JESSIE... you did a Grrrrrand job with your letter to Santa Grandpa... We are SURE that he will be very generous to you.
    Now Casey... You have been the GLUE that has held everythingy together. You TRULY deserve everythingy on your wishfulness list. AND are SURE that you WILL be Richly Rewarded fur your loving efforts.

  7. Wonderful letters to Santa Paws! Hope he brings you all you ask for
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. What wonderful letters. I love your generosity!

  9. Good fur Pigeon saying this is an equal opportunity blog hop! We love all your letters. I am sure Santa Grandpa will give u all something special.

  10. Fabulous letters! We know that Santa will help grant all your wishes.

  11. What a great post. We miss Cinderella too. Don't forget to send us your Smileybox pics.

    Love ya......Mommy's girls

  12. BOL These are great letters to Santa, though I question PIgeon on the peace and quiet thing. You gotta be careful because cats are always tring to get rid of the dogs!

  13. Pawsome list !!!!!!!!
    Thank you for joining my Hop.

  14. We think Santa Paws will LOVE those letters!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. The three of you are so very sweet! Santa will love your letters.

  16. Wow those are all pawsome letters to Santa. I hope you all get everything you wished for and then lots more.

    Ziggy Out!!