Monday, June 15, 2015

Does it have to be Monday?

Oh wow, does it have to be Monday already? We had such a fun weekend! I don't want it to end. The weather was just beeYOUtiful this weekend, so we spent lots of time outside! (Well, some of us did. I still appreciate the finer joys of air conditioning.) Jessie has been practicing her roaching and rolling. She's got grreat form!

Scribbles is loving his daily outdoor times. He stalks all over the yard now. Momma can barely keep up, BOL!

Then, of course, I spent some time teaching Jessie the basics of boxer behavior. Proper nap form is essential, furiends.

Do you mind, Momma? We're having a lesson here! 

On Sunday, we had a whole houseful of people come just to see ME!! ...Well, Momma said something about hosting a craft party, and people talked to Jessie and Scribbles and Pigeon too, but we all know who the big draw was, am I right? Anyway, Jessie got to meet Auntie Amanda for the first time, and Auntie brought her a totally pawesome new collar so she really looks like a cowgirl!

Even Scribbles was a little social. Can you believe it??

Jessie and I decided to entertain folks with some synchronized napping. We worked really hard at it!

I guess it's a GOOD thing after all that it's Monday -- I can chill out and get some REST!

Our hearts are breaking as we just learned this morning that Blogville's own Chef Sasha has gone to cook at the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss her so very much.


  1. oh that's a fabulous art... a boxer yin&yang... pawsome :o)
    easy rider

  2. Naps are good BUTT not when there are treats involved and visitors passing them out freely! Glad Scribbles is enjoying life right now.

  3. I finks napping is an art form and needs to be regularly practiced....practice makes pawfect I say!
    Luffs and hugs to Scribbles
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Jessie you have slipped right into the routine and it appears you have Casey wrapped around your little boxer paw too. It is so nice you got to socialize with lots of different folks.
    Scribbles is enjoying every moment to the fullest too.

    Oh We were so heartbroken about Sasha too just so sudden even though we knew she was on heart meds.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Oh we love that new cowgirl collar you are wearing Jessie, we are so sad about Sashy ....we are going to starve now. Our hearts are cracking...stellie rose

  6. OUR HEARTS ♥♥ are HEAVY with the loss of our DEAR and BELOVED SUPER CHEF SASHA.... We know that she is cookin up a storm fur our furends who have greeted her OVER THERE... We suppose that Cinderella is havin some Awsome Possum Pizza about now...

    OMD CASEY.... your momma interrupted your TEACHING??? THAT is RUDE.... make her Sit in the Corner... or write on the Black Board... I will not sniff my neighb.... oh WAIT.... not that one.... she needs to write I will not disturb Pawfessor CASEY .... 87 times....

  7. Sure sounds like a fun weekend. You go Scribbles
    Lily & Edward

  8. So fun to see Scribbles out enjoying the sun. We agree about Monday. Ugh, make it go away

  9. RIP sweet Sasha.. and it made my heart feel glad to see Jessie rolling and roaching and the two of you butt to butt. so sweet

  10. We love your synchronized napping!!!

  11. Love that synchronized sleeping - you two make a great pair:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Scribbles you looked like a kitten again out in the sunshine :) Jessie that collar is too cute! And Casey, you are being such a good role model for Jessie. Keep it up sweetie! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. I really like Jessie's collar. She sure makes a really cute cowgirl.

    Aroo to you,

  14. Outside are all fun and all, but A/C sure feels good when a come in!

  15. Oh, I miss our sweet pal Sashy terribly!! Blogville is truly mourning today....
    OMD, roachin', sleepin', gettin' scritches??!! PAWSOME weekend guys!!!
    Scribbles, you are lookin' mighty fine!!
    Casey, you are one FABulous teacher, my furiend!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Oh that's some good rolling fur sure!!

  17. Looks like those nap lessons are working. You two have great form.

  18. Oh, we love that picture of Scribbles being cuddly!!!
    That was nice of your mom to have people over to admire you!