Friday, November 14, 2014

Help animals in need with what you do everyday!

As part of our roles as Directors of Housing/Foster Placement and future Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes, Cinderella and I love to share ways that all of you can help animals in need. Of course, we want you to support Legacy Boxer Rescue, the pawesome rescue that saved both of us! But I know most of you also have other shelters and rescues that are near and dear to your own hearts. So here are two grreat ways to help whatever group you want to support, and it's by doing stuff you ALREADY do! How pawesome is that??

The furst is Amazon Smile. This works just the same as shopping at the regular Except you start our at instead of the regular site. You register what charity you want to support (LBR is on the list!), and then for every single purchase you make, Amazon donates a small percentage to your chosen charity! Check it out now and see if your favorite group is on the list. You can do all your holiday shopping and help a grreat cause at the same time!

The next one is WoofTrax. Just go to their website to download their app on your smarter-than-humans phone. Then every time you walk, you just start the app. It keeps track of how far, how long, and how fast you're walking, which is nice for the humans who like to keep track of those things. BUT it also will make a donation based on how far you walk to the shelter or rescue of your choice! There are also options for other activities than just walking, but we haven't used any of those so we can't say how they work. But we use WoofTrax for every single walk we take, twice a day. It's the best! Check to day to see if your favorite group is there, or sign up for Legacy Boxer Rescue (Hurst, TX)!

It's amazing how many pawesome opportunities are out there to help animals in need. A lot of grocery store loyalty cards will also let you set up a favorite charity to donate to based on how much you spend there. (LBR is signed up with Tom Thumb and Kroger, which is where Momma shops fur us. I'm sure there are others!) Do you know of any other cool things like this? Share them in the comments, and lets make the world a better place for all animals!


  1. We do a lot of shopping at Amazon and joined Amazon Smile quite a while back, but didn't know about WoofTrax. We'll get started on that right away. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yep we do the Amazon Smile also, and when we can we take things over to the Dog Star Sanctuary ....and of course mom lives with rose

  3. all great ideas to use and raise money for pups in need

  4. These are BOTH really GRRRREAT thingys. Super Start on your New/CONTINUING Pawsition in Blogville.

  5. what a great idea to shop for a good cause, I will tell that to my mom, I bet she will like the idea!

  6. We just love Amazon Smile, and are having Mama download Woof Trax right now!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Wow, what a cool post! Thanks for letting us know about this and Amazon is pawesome!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  8. thanks for the info.. I have spent this morning aggravating Baby and Jake trying to take photos with my new camera... they are not happy.


  10. Mom just bought something through Amazon Smile and benefited PugPals in Boise, ID! what a great way to help.
    thanks for the impawtent info!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel