Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cake Face!!

OMD, you guys, LBR's birthday Yappy Hour was a BIG success yesterday!! Remember we were gathering to celebrate LBR's 10th birthday last week, and our Pack Leader Auntie Sharon promised to take a cake in the face if we raised $10k in one day. And we DID!

I know you're looking for me in that picture, but don't bother. Can you believe Momma left me at HOME?! She said that it was such a long drive, she had to do some errands on her way and I couldn't come into all of the stores. And guess what?? As SOON as she got there, some people came up to her all excited and asked if she was Casey's Mom. They said they read the blog EVERY DAY and couldn't wait to meet me. Momma didn't say so, but I think they cried when they found out I wasn't there. Poor things. So hi, Charley's Momma and Daddy!! I'll be sure to let you know the next event I'll be at.

Okay, onto the caking!! Here's the cake Auntie Sharon picked out.

Here she is before she got Caked. She was talking about how grreat LBR volunteers and fans are -- which they totally are, but we all know she was just trying to put off the Caking a bit longer!

The volunteers drew straws to see who the lucky one was. Annnnnnnnd... CAKE!!!!!!!

Woohoo!! Thanks for being a grreat sport, Auntie Sharon. I think you've never looked better! Oh, and even though I wasn't there, my buddy Taro helped out cleaning up the frosting afterward. Grreat job, buddy!

Momma didn't totally furget about us, even though she cruelly left us at home. She came home with a couple of bags of home-made treats LBR volunteers made and even two antlers! And... a few other things.

Momma managed to win TWO of the raffle drawings, so we got a TON of pawesome new toys, treats, and poop bags. BOL! Okay, Momma, I furgive you for not taking me. If you give me a few extra treats furst.


  1. what a face that was... yummy face... and both of you look adorable behind the PRIZES... enjoy and what a fun post.... sorry you had to stay home

  2. What a fab event! Congrats to everyone invovled xxx

  3. OMD OMD You did NOT get to go?? SOOOOOOO unfair to all of your FANS!!! They must have been devastated. BaaaaWaaaah we would have LOVED to have licked that face CLEAN...


  4. The cake thing looked like fun even if you didn't get a lick, but man, those baskets!! It looks like another Christmas at your house. Have fun.

  5. Auntie Sharon IS a good sport - hope she managed to lick a lot of that frosting off her face:) And Casey, we are so sorry you didn't get to go, but it looks like you made out quite well anyway - enjoy all your goodies.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. I like how the straw picker lady used both hands to really smash that cake in Cake Face's face real good. Well done. Congrats on winning all that pawsome stuff in the baskets.

  7. MOL MOL MOL I like the cake in the face coverall best!!
    Hugs madi your bfff
    and congrats

  8. What a great sport! I can't believe you didn't get to go, though! What about your fans?!?! I'm sure they were super disappointed.
    Hey, poop bags are a great gift. Without them, we'd never get to go anywhere! Have poop bag, will travel!
    Play bows,