Friday, January 10, 2014

Serving up a pint of awesome

Look at these two handsome guys. The one on the left is about eight years old, and the one on the right is six. These two guys lived together their whole lives, and they loved each other and the kids in their house. Then one day their owner took them to the shelter and just left them there. They were sad and confused and didn't know what they did wrong.

Fortunately, LBR said that wasn't right at all. We found a foster home that could take them both in, because these guys love each other so much they need to stay together! Now their names are Ben & Jerry, and we think they're a pint of awesome.

Don't worry, guys, everything will be all right now. You're part of the Legacy family from now on.


  1. They are a QUART of AWESOME if you ask US.. BOL

  2. Totally Awesome!!!
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Greta

    Casey, you need to check out the belt buckle that went up on Tweedles auction last night

  3. They sure are handsome. How sad their family abandoned them ...
    Paws crossed that they will always stay together!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  4. Oh great great great!!!! We hopes they will always always be together! Stinky family.
    stella rose

  5. Okay...we think they are two gallons of awesome! How cruel some people can be. Thank you LBR for taking these two in.

  6. I don't understand how you can discard your pet they are family. How do you love and care for a pet for 8 yrs. and then decide you don't want it anymore. So thankful for the LBR.

    Aroo to you,

  7. Well shoot...they are an entire GALLON of awesome!

    Did I tell you Taysia Blue just rescued a little boxer/husky mix. Looks all boxer but with bright blue eyes. I know you'll be shocked but Mrs. Master wants him.


  8. I always feel so sad for loyal family pets who are abandoned by their uncaring humans. They must wonder where their people are and why they are stuck in a cage suddenly. Poor guys. I hope they find a wonderful family who will give them the love they deserve.

  9. Well we are certain they are as delicious as they sound/ look! Our paws are crossed that these boys can live out their senior years together and in comfort, surrounded by the familial love they deserve.

    the critters in the cottage xo