Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaain!

Today is Time Warp Tuesday in Blogville! We're all sharing a time warp picture of ourselves (from any time in the past you choose!) plus a recent pic for contrast. So here's me!

Pucker up! BOL! That's one of Momma's favorite early pictures of me. It was taken when she'd only had me for a few months, in my very furst obedience class. (I was valedictorian at every level, of course.) And in case you furgot how handsome I am now, here's a recent one of me.

Momma said she wants to play too! This is her with my uncle when she was just a tiny little puppy. Look at those cheeks!

And here she is now, doing her favorite thing in the world -- cuddling US!

I hope you enjoyed the time warp!

PLUS!! Don't furget that Valentine's Day is exactly ONE MONTH from today! In honor of the day, our Mayoral Diva Madi has announced a Queen of Hearts Dance in Blogville.

Yours truly will be hosting a KISSING BOOTH! More details to come later. In the meantime, hop on over to Madi's post yesterday to learn the details!


  1. What beautiful photo's. Thanks for joining in the fun :) xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Oh Casey you make a girls heart go pitter patter, you are so handsome, and we enjoyed your momma's pictures also. Wow you are hosting the kissing booth...wowzer!!!
    stella rose

  3. I love your photos! and the first one is really great! Many thanks for sharing your pictures with me

  4. Casey - BOL over your very furst obedience class photo.
    Pees…. a kissing booth? Wow.

  5. CASEY.... you can CURL your TONGUE. THAT is Cool Drool. Love the Time Warp pics. Super duper.

    Ernie is ALL wound up like a ball of yarn over the KISSING BOOTH... He can't WAIT to plant one on his ROXY.

  6. I love that pic of you with your tongue curling, fab shot!

  7. What a fabulishious time warp! Mes LOVES that picture of yous with your tongue! And mes loves the pictures of yous guys with your Mom!

  8. Casey OMDs you are right Boxer do make great kissers....Look at that sweet mouth. Did you know my mom had a Boxer named Duke when she was a wee kitteh?
    He had a what blaze on his chest too.
    Hugs Madi and thanks a ton for the shout out today about the Q of H Ball. I'll have my updated host and events list up tomorrow.
    Your BFFF

  9. Casey you are gorgeous and cute and Handsome and a true bundle of fun both then and now! My favorite photo is the one with your Mom, its just so wonderful to see the love she has for you and your obvious love for her, such great photos and magic memorise for time wharp Tuesday, now put your paws on your hips....BOL!
    Love and Licks from your puggy buddy Frank XxxxX

  10. Ohhhhhhhhh, CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ....... OHhhhhhhhhhh! Especially the picture of you with the orange tie on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So. Incredibly. Handsome!

  11. Love those pictures. And Mommy is humming the time warp song.

  12. Aww! You and your mom were both cute lil pups!


  13. Great photos but I really like the photo of all 3 of y'all together. You can see the love.

    Aroo to you,

  14. We love the photos with your mom, you can feel the love you share
    Bailey, Hazel &Greta