Friday, December 27, 2013

Nurse Casey back on duty!

So Momma has decided to pretend to be a roof. I don't really understand, but she said something about having shingles. It's one of those weird human things, I guess. But she's hurting a lot and has spent the past three or four days laying on the couch, loopy from pain meds. So that means Nurse Casey is back on duty.

This time, I even had to bring in some extra help. Scribbles and I are taking shifts!

Hopefully Momma will be feeling better soon and be back in form soon. Until then, I'll be a little quiet commenting on your blogs.


  1. We Know about those Roof thingys... and they are supposed to be AWFUL. Take good care of your mom Nurse Casey and Scribbles... and be sure to have Nurse Cinderella lend a paw also.
    We are So sorry to hear this news. ANd we have our Paws Crossed fur her.
    When she IS better she should get one of those Shots... Just sayin.
    Happy NEW YEAR...

  2. Oh no, poor thing. Mom just had them on her neck and lower jaw. Good vibes to mom

  3. Oh no our dad has had this before. Take good care of your momma Casey
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  4. Did she have to take that GINORMOUS anti viral pills? Ugh! Feel the betterment soon!

  5. Oh no. Feel better Casey's mom. Casey, make sure she keeps up her strenght by making her get up at least once an hour to give u a treat. That should get her feeling better in no time.

  6. Oh our Mama says she feels your Mama's pain! She had those roof things too! Ugh. Tell your Mama to rest and to take it easy and to take all the necessary pills and she will feel better in no time at all!


    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Get that roof fixed...quick. You don't want any leaks!

    Tell your Mom that the Weenies and their pack all have their paws crossed for a quick recovery!

  8. Oh no, NOT what we wanted to hear! We got our paws crossed tightly for Mama in hopes that she is feeling better real soon.

    Lily Belle & Muffin