Saturday, June 8, 2013

Snuggle Saturday: Puppy Edition!

Today's Snuggle Saturday features our sweet puppy Ares, one of the newest LBR dogs. His foster skin sister has decided that he's just the right size for dressing up, so that means the poor guy is spending a lot of time dressed like a princess. Siiiiiiigh. Poor kid's going to get a complex. But he said that the matching pink PJs are worth it, if it means getting storytime and snuggles from his favorite sis!

And there's some serious snuggling going on in one of our other foster homes! Guess what Tet was up to last night? She had a surprise for her foster momma! Her foster momma went to bed at midnight, and Tet was totally calm and composed. When her foster momma got up this morning, guess what she found?

Tet and her NINE PUPPIES!!! Let's home they all do well! Welcome to the world, puppies!


  1. Wow Puppies! The stork or Santa Paws must have dropped off those puppies at night when everone was sleeping. Congratulations.

  2. What a sweet puppy surprise and what fun it will be to watch them grow and for their personalities to emerge!
    We are happy that that pyjama clad puppy is so loved! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. That's alot of puppies! Super cute though :-)