Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun just around the corner

I keep hearing about fun being "just around the corner," so I decided to go check it out. I really don't see what the big deal is.

It's just as quiet over here as over there.

Oh, wait, I think I figured out where the fun is!

Night, everyone. Have fun in your dreams!


  1. Casey I bet anytime with you is a fun time...sure wish we lived closer together so we could play and have fun times together!!
    Stella Rose

  2. Thanks for checking out that just around the corner thing. I try to see if the grass is greener every so often when I jump the fence to play at the neighbors house.


  3. BOL! Wonder what's being planned for you...obviously something FUN!

  4. Buddy you aren't Kiddin US... YOU have fun EVERYWHERE you ARE. Except fur when your mom runs off to the Renny Sauce Faire.

  5. Hey Casey!
    Wow, that's too funny! I guess fun being "right around the corner" isn't exactly like it being a "barrel 'o monkeys"! BOL Enjoy your snooze!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Hope you had lots of fun in your dreams:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Dreams can be fun too.

  8. If you find the fun, let me know! Nighty-night

    Your pal, Pip

  9. We found, just like you, that there is always a napping space right around the corner... we like those kinds of corners!!

    Have a great Tuesday!
    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  10. Sweet dreams Casey, maybe you'll find some fun there:-)

  11. Awwwww Squeee, what a cute photo, you look like you are having a nice little sleep, guess the fun is where you make it! Fun will be with you soon I'm sure!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Pugalier Pal Frank xxxxxxxx