Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's a pawty!

Wow, folks, does LBR know how to throw a birthday pawty or what?!

The Wasabi puppies turned one year old today, so they had one heck of a birthday pawty with all their people! For those who haven't been following us that long, the Wasabis were a litter of pups born in LBR's care after we rescued their pregnant mama from the shelter. Her name was Sushi, and we always give the litter a name to match.

So here's (left to right) Tuna Roll, Sake, and Maki, at about age 5 days.

Here they are enjoying their pawty! We have Trinity (Tuna Roll), Augustus/Gus (Maki), and Bonsai (Sake). I think they had a pretty good time!

Happy birthday, Wasabis! And, uh, I'm sure my invitation just got lost in the mail, right?


I would also like to pause a moment to say a very sad, fond farewell to LBR's Charlie Brown. He had an autoimmune reaction during his heartworm treatment, where his body was attacking his own red blood cells. It's a rare reaction, but we've lost two LBR dogs in the last two years to this reaction. Charlie fought very hard, but finally his foster mom had to make the decision to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. He's running free from pain and worry now. Godspeed, Charlie! You were very loved.


  1. We are so very sad about charlie brown. We actually know a boxer named Charlie (and his last name is brown).

    The party looks really fun!



  2. Hi Casey what a nice party you had for the precious trio turned into very handsome pups!

    We are so sorry to read about Charlie Brown. Run free sweet brave boy.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  3. I am so sorry about Charlie Brown. But it is clear he is much loved.

    Happy birthday to all of the kids. they look fantastic.

  4. Rest in peace, Charlie Brown.
    When you're bouncing around in Heaven, please look for my fur-sisters Keisha and Daisy and tell them how much we miss them.