Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Torture and torment

I really don't know why humans do it. Why are they so fascinated by that flashy thing they shove in our faces all the time? They'll even withhold cookies trying to get us to look at it longer! It's even worse when one of them gets a brand new one, because then they want to try it out over and over and over again. What's a dog to do??

My sister Cinderella hasn't realized just how bad this is. She just smiles and acts happy about the whole thing.

But I know the truth. This is nothing less than torture. How would she like having a flashy thing shoved in her face all the time?

Even my kitty sister Pigeon was pulled in. Poor thing, she looks terrified.

The torture seems to have stopped for today, but I know it will be back. She just can't help herself. Why did I have to be born so darned handsome? It's a tough life.