Monday, October 3, 2011

Mums & Roses

This weekend was action-packed! LBR's big annual fundraiser, MUMS & ROSES, was on Saturday. We had about a million volunteers out ready to rock the plant stand! (Literally.)

We had all sorts of just gorgeous plants ready to be sold to new homes to help make money for the boxers.

We had a few boxers out too. :)

This is the first shift of our million volunteers.

One of our awesome Facebook friends came down to visit us all the way from Pennsylvania! She met Huxley, her favorite LBR dog. (Other than me, of course!) Joana calls Hux her internet puppy. We all loved seeing them meet at last.

Mom had fun too. One of the LBR volunteers is also fostering for a Boston terrier rescue, and she got lots of love nibbles from Riley.

Best of all, we raised over $12,000 for LBR!!! That's a whole lot of kibble and vet visits!

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