Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eeek, baby-eaters!

There's one strange thing that I've learned since I started working as an official Boxer Ambassador for LBR. Boxers eat babies. I know, it sounds shocking! Here I always thought boxers were awesome with children and were wonderful family dogs. But we hear it all the time -- "I'm having a baby, so I have to give my dog up." Not because the dog's shown any kind of aggression or anything, but just because everyone inherently Knows the truth.

So I've gone digging through my archives, and I was just shocked at how many pictures I found that prove it! Boxers should clearly never be allowed around children. Why, just look at Bonsai and his skin-brother Deacon! He's preparing to snap at any minute.

Winston obviously likes to tenderize his victims before going in for the kill.

Tyson may look little, but look at how he took down that human!

Remington likes to go for the straight-forward attack.

And look at Noel here, clearly planning to strike at any moment.

Maximus prefers the smothering attack.

Maggie Mae and Mulligan like getting a little appetizer before going in for the whole baby.

Obviously Jack decided he might want a little midnight snack.

Ranger is lulling his victim in with some Southern charm first before the attack.

You can just see the hunger lurking in Bubbles' eyes, can't you?

Brooklyn only eats babies on special occasions.

Ack, look out, BJ is already ready to taste that poor human!

Beauregard is taking his snack to go.

And finally, Gabriel may be just 5 minutes old, but he's clearly planning from a young age how to go for the jugular!

I hope this was as eye-opening for you as it was for me. I'm just shocked that so many of my fellow boxers would behave like this around children. Now you know the truth! I hope these poor little humans can someday get over the fear and terror that their boxer experiences must have caused.


  1. yes boxers i think are the best dogs with children my daughter used to crawl and roll and sit on our jewels and she never made a peep..but im sure she was pretty mean when she would knock mady to the floor stand on her hair so she couldnt get up and lick her face for 10 min straight mady did have some sore ribs from the lick attack from laughing soo hard man did she suffer lol rip my jewels mommy misses u always

  2. OoH how I luvs to "snack" on little two-leggers too! :) Great post my furiends.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. I LOVE chil'rens! I really like the way their diapers smell so I am always sure to get a big whiff right about the belly button. It must tickle cuz the kids laugh. Sometimes the parents are afraid of me at first. I suppose I could hurt one with my "wiggle" or maybe sit on one. They do taste good so I lick them to pieces!