Sunday, June 27, 2010

Magic - Blast from the Past!

In 2006, this super cute little pup came to our attention.  He had a terribly painful broken leg, and will always be remembered for his screams while we got him to the vet.

Once his leg was set and he was feeling better, he turned out to be the most charming and sweet of puppies.  He loved all the boxers he met, and he stole the heart of his foster mom.  

After he healed, he was adopted out to a great family with a boxer girl named Daisy.  This week we heard from Magic's family:

"It's been a couple of years since we moved to Florida and I
wanted to let Amy know that little Magic (who is now a whopping 70
pounds!) is safe and sound and happy. He and our fawn boxer, Daisy,
spend their days chasing squirrels in the back yard, taking walks by the
bay, and doing quite a bit of napping."

We were thrilled to see pictures of Magic and Daisy, and so happy to hear that he is living the good life out in Florida!

This is the best part of rescue - boxers getting to live the lives they were meant to live and getting their happily ever after!

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