Friday, May 14, 2021

My bad*** cutie mark!

 So I told all of you folks a few weeks ago that I got into a little spat at daycare. Not just with any dog, but with Momma's boss's dog!! BOL! But hey, I didn't start it, and I taught him how to treat a lady.


Anyways, what Momma didn't let me show you then, because she was too upset about it, was the result of our little disagreement.


The daycare folks told her I got a "scratch," but then I came out like this!! Momma freaked out, but when she looked close, it wasn't an open wound like it looked like. It was more a deep scrape. Since there was nothing to stitch up, Momma just kept it clean and put Neosporin on it in hopes it wouldn't scar.

 As days passed, she wasn't so sure about that! But I told her I didn't care, I like it! Auntie said that it made me look like a "badd*** My Little Pony. BOL!! They call the marks on their hips "cutie marks," so that's what Momma started calling it.

By the time Momma cames back from Hawaii, the scrapes were gone and it was just bright white. Now it's faded dark. Momma is still hoping that my furs will grow over it and it won't be so obvious.

But I kinda hope it stays like it is. It makes me look super tough, no matter what I'm doing!

Does anyone else have a cool battle scar? Tell me your story!


  1. da phenny has a fringed ear, but it was no battle he just jumped in da goose berry bush :O) hugs to you&potp maybe you have magic power now like that hairy potter?

  2. Big Boy was attacked 2 weeks before we adopted him, we had him a short two years, his scars never went away and Beau came with 3 scars, 2 on his head. they make my heart hurt, and yours makes my heart hurt to.. it will get better but you will be marked for life. we don't care, because we love you butt i know mama's heart hurts about it....

  3. Hari OM
    Angel Jade had a similar cutie mark, Tildy - and it did eventually disappear under new furs. I kinda like the tuffgal look on you though! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Oh Matilda...I am so sorry but thankful it didn't require stitches. BUt I along with Momma am kinda bent out of sorts too.
    As for battle scars I have one from Angel Milky-Way. Mind you this happened probably 25+ years ago. It is on the under part of my left writs where all the veins show. He was in my lap sleeping peaceful when something startled him. His back claws dug into my wrist as he jumped off my lap. Still very visible I guess cause the skin is so thin there.
    Hugs cecilia

  5. I think you'll have your battle scar for life, Matilda.

  6. We think Phenny and Nelly may have a point...maybe you'll be like Harry Potter now!!

  7. Well Matilda when I got in a fight with my neighbour Jake I had just two tiny puncture marks on my shoulder, so small that Gail didn't even notice them a first. But the wound got badly infected and so I had to have it all cut open and cleaned out and stitched up. But the scar is very narrow and well hidden by my wiry furs.
    We hope your mark heals in a way that keeps both you and your mom happy!
    Toodle pip!

  8. We are very happy that it was not worse. I do think you will look tougher.