Monday, October 7, 2019

Mums & Roses

This weekend was LBR's big Mums & Roses sale, one of our biggest fundraisers of the year! The pawesome volunteers of LBR worked tirelessly in the Texas heat to set up a gazillion mums, roses, pumpkins, and other fall plans. (Our cool front arrived last night! It was in the 90s on Saturday during the sale!)

They were lucky enough to get a guest appearance by a super famous blogger.

Always happy to meet my adoring public!

I helped Momma pick out plants -- which you'll see on Nature Friday! -- and I finally got my microchip put in. Momma feels bad because it's taken her so long to get it done, but now I'm all safe! I was extremely brave and didn't even flinch. If Momma says I cried and tried to pull away, she's LYING!!

Anyways, as usual, LBR totally rocked the plant stand!! We raised nearly $20,000, which is going to help big this year after all our legal battles! Huge thanks to all my LBR aunties and uncles who worked so hard at the sale, and especially Uncle Ken and Uncle Waylon of Roses USA who donate all these plants to us!


  1. this is super duper news about all the money raised. i know how much you need it now... that is wonderful the flowers are donated... i must say the blogger dog is quite beautiful and that awesome tongue needs to go on Tongue Out Tuesday. good job helping mama. we need a cold front or even a cool one would be nice

  2. Hari OM
    My word that is impressive fundraising!!! Of course, the difference was having you present, right?! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Whoa Matilda simply gawgeous
    Mums and Roses is what you said...what my mind's eye saw as Guns and Roses.
    Congrats on the great fundrasier
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Wow - that's a lot of green papers. YAY! And the bestest part is that they got to meet you, Matilda!

  5. Wow! What beautiful flowers and pumpkins! And you raised a lot of money! Hooray!

  6. We are glad this fundraiser always does well for LBR!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  7. OMD those pumpkins and mums looks so festive and dat are so pawesome you raised so much money!! Congrats on da chip too and don't worry we totes believe you were brave ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  8. WooooHoooooooo!!!!!!!! OMD, that is FABulous gurl!!!!! I am so happy, I am doin' some happy zoomies around the room right nows!!! okays, time for a 'rita break! ahhhhh.....
    Anyhu, I am so happy that LBR will earn some much needed green papers, and all the peeps got to meet one FABulous, beautiful Boxer gurl!
    Ruby ♥