Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hello Blogville!!

Um...hellooooo?? Is dis thing on? Okay, hi everybody! I'm MATILDA!

Sometimes Momma calls me Tilda, or Tildy, or Waltzing Matilda, or Puppy, or Baby Girl. My new sister Pigeon mostly calls me Hiss! You can call me any of dat. So Momma and Pigeon told me that I'm now a blogger. That seems like a lot of responsibility for a little pup, but I'll try my hardest! Maybe chewing on things will help? Mostly I chew things. Dat's how I relax. Momma has been nice and gave me a HUGE bone this morning to chew on while she goes to dat "work" place.

Okay, so let me back up. Momma says all my new Blogville Aunties and Uncles have heard the story of how she found me and we decided to be family. It's the BESTEST story! I loved my foster mom, but I knew I had a FOREVER Momma waiting out there for me. Then she showed up right at my foster home, and we both knew right away!! It was hard just having visits and waiting impatiently to come home for reals. Then last night, she came to my foster home and told me it was time to come home!!! I made sure to tell her how excited I was. She seemed pretty excited too.

 Then she gave me my very own FUREVER collar. It's purple, which she said is my new color because it looks best against my reddish furs. Of course I look good in it! I'd look good in anything. But purple is a ROYAL color. I heard there were some queens and even an Empress named Matilda. So my new royal collar is pawfect.

After about eighty gazillion million pictures, we said goodbye to everyone at my foster home. I'll miss Foster Mom and Foster Dad, and the cute little skin kid there. I GUESS I'll even miss my foster sister Gala, even though she was mean and yelled at me and gave me a bleeding broken toenail an HOUR before Momma showed up to take me home. I mean reallys!!! I's fine now, though. So Momma and I got in the car, with my fancy ROYAL harness and ROYAL leash.

 We got home and I sniffed EVERYTHING! Pigeon gave me a long hiss that I'm assuming meant "welcome home, little sister," but I don't speak Cat. Hopefully we'll bond a little as time goes by.

After talking to Pigeon and playing with toys, I went on my first grand exploration of the area. Momma calls it "walkies."

But it wasn't just a walk. It was a SAFARI!!! Look at who I bravely encountered!

 They were in awe to see a real Queen come by. They were scared stiff!! Maybe they'll relax the next time we go by.

Afterwards, Momma and I played a bit, then she said it was playtime. I got real excited and started jumping all over her as she laid down to play with me. What fun!!! But oh, she said it was BEDTIME. So I laid down next to her and took a nice long nap. Then I woke up and played with my squirrels again, but I was nice and only squeaked them a little. Then I slept on the padded storage bench at the foot of the bed. Then Momma took me out to potty again, then we went back to bed. This time I realized that UNDER the bed is a pawfect Matilda-sized hidey hole. So I snoozed under there and was totally hidden. Momma couldn't see me at ALL this morning. It was pure luck that she squeezed my paws sticking out from under the bed and told me good morning.

We went for ANOTHER walk -- are we going to do two every day?? That would be pawesome!! Then I had breakfast.

 Then Momma and I played Tug a bit. I'm SO much better at it than she is. Hah!

Then I settled down on the bed with my squirrels again and watched Momma put on nice clothes without dog hair on them. She said it was time to go to "work".

I'm not sure what that means, but she gave me a HUGE pawesome bone and closed the door of my crate while I chewed on it. I don't really mind. This is a seriously amazing bone. But maybe a little later I'll try out some of my escape artist skills. Momma said my great-brother Casey was a super escape artist, so I bet she'll appreciate that.

So....am I doing okay on this blogging thing? I don't think getting Momma to take pictures is gonna be a problem, so I'll give you more updates on my royal adventures. Until then, Matilda and Momma, signing out!

PeeS: People are asking, so I guess I should add how old I am. I was born on February 20th, so I am 4 and a half months old!


  1. You're a natural blogger! We are all enjoying your new discoveries and we know you're going to have a great time with your new family. How old are you?

  2. you are a true QUEEN and so beautiful it almost hurts my eyes and my heart is so happy for all of you together. how old are you is what I would like to know in your next post. and by the way, good job on your first post

  3. Hello Matilda!!! or hiss, that's a cool name too... at least better than no! how the mama calls us... we wish you many funny adventures in your furever home ... we are happy that you found your mom and that she found you!!!

  4. Matilda.....we are for sure doing a Waltz this morning in honor of your first post.
    Might I add for a 4 1/2 mo old you scored 87(ps 87 is a very impawant # in Blogville) million points on your blog post, pictures commentary and action shots. Bravo sweet girl.
    I like all your names. Who cares what they call you as long as they call you to supper.
    Hugs and kitty kisses Madi (PS I'm a Cat) your 2nd best feline friend.

  5. PS we meant to say you are already a nice size Boxer girl...wonder just how big you'll be when you are full grown lady

  6. Hari OM
    WELCOME MATILDA!!! I too was thinking you looked dainty and was wondering your age - so thanks for letting us know you are still just a very young lady with a little bit of growing still to do. I think you are very very pretty and I am sure you and Pigeon will become good pals. Eventually. I look forward to all your future posts, cuz I think you are going to be a PHENOMENAL blogger!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. We wear the same kind of harness but I don't have a purple one - yet! That portrait of you and your momma says it all, Matilda! Welcome to Blogville!

  8. Welcomes to Blogville Queen Matilda!!! Me just NOSE we's gonna be pals. Me is a wittle blind Weenie pup. 💙💚💕

  9. Matilda, what a busy and fun-filled first day. We are so glad to see your mom so happy. She deserves to smile like that. You have a fantastic forever home. You have really hit the jackpot. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  10. Thank you for sharing your amazing story Matilda. You look so happy and mom has a smile in every picture. We love hearing great stories like these. Hope you have a joyous doggie life at your furever home. Have fun and have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  11. You're an amazing blogger!! Welcome Matilda!!!!! You're going to love your new life!!!!!!!!

  12. A great BIG welcome to you, Matilda!!! Purple is definitely your color - it is regal on you. You are just a baby - 4 1/2 months old. You have the cutest sweetest face. We just know that you are going to bring lots of happy smiles to your Momma's face.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Your are a natural at blogging Matilda! You are so lucky - you have the best momma to love you and take care of you and take lots of pictures of you for the blog!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. Hey Matilda, great job on the blogging thing so far!
    Toodle pip!

  15. You are doing great blogging and it is so very nice to meet you Matilda!! Our Mama calls our Matilda Tilda too (Her also calls her missy miss and miss grouchy pants BOL MOL). Just a FYI a long hiss might mean dat it are time to take a walk to the other side of da room STAT! When sisfur does dat to me I look at her like she is cray cray cause I are 5x's da size of her and has big teefs but I nose it are time to get away from her wif a quickness ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  16. MATILDA!!!!!!!!!! We are SO HAPPY you're home!!! (We're trying to get caught up today and just had to post a big WELCOME!!!!)
    You look awesome in purple - and we just LOVE that selfie you took with your mom!
    Cam and Maggie