Monday, February 27, 2017

Sister playtime

Momma gets so entertained watching Pigeon and Jessie play sometimes. Remember Pigeon used to be so skeered of dogs that she hid on top of the cabinets for TWO YEARS after I joined the family?? She and Jessie have really bonded, and they like to play. It usually goes something like this.

"Hey, I see you there, Jessie! Playtime?"
"Nope, I'm just being a cute innocent little puppy..." 

"That doesn't really seem like you."
"Look at how cute I am. Look at the cute!" 

"OMC, you got me again!!" 

It's seriously adorable. Jessie just kind of lays her head nearby, looking cute. Pigeon will drift closer and look curiously. Jessie will look cute some more. Pigeon will come up and start nudging Jessie's head. Then Jessie will jump up and start moving her head all over Pigeon's body, very gently. Then she lays right back down and does it again!

Today, Jessie and I are recovering from another weekend down at Auntie's. While Momma and Auntie are busy with their Renny-sauce faire stuff, we spend the WHOLE time playing and going kerazy with our cousins. So by Monday morning...

"Move? You cannot be serious. Go to work, we'll stay here."
"What -- what he said....zzzzzzzzz...."


  1. it#s so cute to watch how being like dog&cat really looks :o) you will have a renny-sauce event? how great!!!! I will visit one too in may and I hope to meet blogville friends there...

  2. Our mean old cat Baggy use to smack us in the head and it wasn't in play. Nin would tolerate us playing. Lady wishes she could take Monday morning off too . . . you guys are lucky!

  3. You have come a long way baby
    Lily & Edward

  4. Friends come in all forms! Enjoy your naps!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. What a fun game you and Pigeon play Jessie!!
    Happy recuperating!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Oh I bet this is one day you two are glad mom is at work so you can rest.
    As for Pigeon and Jessie..girls just like to have fun
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. We Love how Pigeon and Jessie Play together.

  8. so happy you had a good time at aunties and love the kitty/doggie playtime. wish I could see it in person and hug all 3 of you

  9. Casey, I think it's a girl bonding thing.

    Aroo to you,

  10. AWWWW, I wish I could see that play time bet its sooooo cute
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. That is just the sweetest thing!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. BOOM! HA roo roo roo! Way to go, Jessie! It looks like you and Pigeon have a LOT of fun together!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher