Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blogville Emergency Drill -- Snowed in!

Attention, Blogville! This is Emergency Services Manager Casey calling a Blogville Emergency Drill! Today's theme is TRAPPED! 

Sometimes you end up trapped in your own home due to weather or other disasters. For you northerners, you might get snowed in and can't leave your house. Fur others of us, we might get stuck in our homes because of a hurricane or a tornado or something like that. So it's very impawtant if you live in an area where you might get stuck in your house for whatever reason that you PREPARE and have a PLAN in place!

To PREPARE, make sure that your home is stocked with all the impawtant things you'll need:
1. Food and water for everyone in the family, including all pets! Take stock of what you have and pretend you have to prepare and eat it without any electricity, just in case you lose power. It's no good having a big supply of canned food all ready to go and THEN remembering that you only have an electric can-opener!
2. Battery- or crank-operated radios, so you can keep on top of weather reports.
3. Alternative light sources. Battery-operated lights are safer than candles, but make sure that you have plenty of batteries. If you do decide to use candles, make sure they're on a stable surface where they won't be accidentally knocked over and not near anything else that might catch fire.
4. Alternative heat sources. If you have a generator, make sure it's in good repair and you have plenty of fuel for it. If you have a fireplace, have fuel handy. If you don't have either, have lots of blankies! 
5. Medicine. A basic first-aid kit is a good idea, especially if you might be trapped for a hurricane or tornado disaster. Also make sure that you have extras of any prescription medications that anyone in the family takes.

Once you're PREPARED, you can set your PLAN in place when your trapped emergency starts.
1. Check your supplies regularly. Rotate food, water, and medication to make sure everything is fresh.
2. Know where you're going to bunker down, if possible, and keep your supplies handy. All of our emergency supplies are in the same closet where we hide from tornadoes, so we have them right on hand in case we get stuck. If you're snowed in, pick a room to congregate in so you don't have to waste energy heating more. Close off unused rooms to preserve heat.
3. Know how to get out! If you might get snowed in, keep your snow removal equipment in repair and ready. If you're more in danger of hurricanes, tornadoes, or other disasters, keep in mind that you might have to get through a lot of debris to get out. Spare towels and blankets can be used to protect hands, feet, and paws if you need to dig out or walk over dangerous surfaces.
4. Figure out a way to communicate with the outside world! If you're in a disaster where you're going to need help getting out, you need to make sure people know you're in there! Emergency flares, flashlights, or even just bright cloth you can make into flags can all be used to signal to emergency personnel that you're in need of help. Don't count on being able to use your cell phone!

Remember that humans can panic in times of emergency. Walk them through the PREPARATION and PLAN so they know what they're doing and don't have to think how to react when an emergency comes. And when disaster strikes, be there to keep them calm and give them lots of snuggles and reassuring kisses. 

This is the end of your Blogville Emergency Drill. Thank you!


  1. that was a great post... we have a one week sos stock in an older suitcase... so we can grab it in worst case when we have to run away... It's impawtant to be prepared for the worst while we hope for the best or that we never will need it...

    1. I have a later Emergency Drill planned for evacuations!

  2. GREAT advice, Casey! Since we can get hit with many of the above (tornadoes, ice, snow), we do have a plan in place!

  3. MOLMOLMOL Casey thank you I will see that mom reads this T W I C E
    Anytime we have a bad tstorm or such you know what she does...crams me in the PTU and we have to sit on the floor. I think this is cruel and unusual treatment. It is small there are no provision in it and NO LITTER box. What is she thinking Hugs madi your bfff and Dispatcher

  4. Casey, Thanks fur this impawtant infurmation!
    Your Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

    Snacks? √
    Water ? √
    Foodables? √
    Stuffies ? √
    Clean Blankies ? √
    Warm Coats and Jackets ? √
    Chew Toys ? √
    Shoveled Potty Paths ? √
    YEP we are ready... THANKS fur the Drill THIS is a GOOD Idea.

  6. Thanks for the very, very important drill Casey, living in Earthquake country we have our very own Doggy Emergency Kit!! We will check in with our pawrents to make sure they have our plan updated!!
    Dory, Arty, Jakey & Bilbo

  7. You would think after 2 long black outs Lady would be more prepared for them, but no. Good reminder to make sure there is gas for the generator!

  8. Pawsome PSA, Casey! No one wants to be snowed in without being prepared.

  9. That is great information Casey. We make sure we have food and water for both canines and people for three months and extra doses of flea and tick medication.

    Abby Lab

  10. Great advice Casey! Clearly you are the dog for the job!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. What a great PSA for all!!! Lots of very important reminders and tips. One question, can we add tasty treats to the supply list? BOL

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. Thank you, Casey! We have had two major kinds of emergencies so we can vouch that your tips are perfect. We were snowed in for 4 days about 15 years ago when we got 7 feet of snow and the county couldn't open our road for all those days. Then, last year, we had a raging wildfire, and we had to evacuate. Your advice is right on! I agree that making a PLAN is key. I agree with the OP Pack though - tasty treats are critical if you're snowed in!

  13. what a great post Casey!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Casey you did a super great job. If this was a real thing, our house would have failed........we may need to live with Frankie and Ernie. stella rose

  15. Pawsome post. Got it...stock up on water and treats fur an emergency.

  16. My family was just doing all this planning this weekend too. How funny