Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mayorz Marathon Miles 13-15

Welcome to the next stop of the Mayorz Marathon! This is Scribbles and Pigeon, coming to you LIVE from the all-impawtant Mile 13.

Here comes our furst view of the contestants! It looks like Benjie is out to a nice lead, though Oreo is close behind! Arty had better watch stopping to admire the Mile Marker, though -- it looks like Scylla is catching up, and Shyla is close behind!

Do you knows WHY Mile 13 is so impawtant? Well, it's not actually Mile 13 that matters. It's just a smidge farther, when you reach 13.1 miles and....

 Mayor Stanley posing at the halfway point!

Yup, you're halfway through the marathon!! To celebrate, we put a dance floor out so our racers can take a break from the rigors of the race and kick loose! Our bro Casey leads Jakey, Duncan, and Tuiren on the dance floor! Shake it, guys!

OMC, Addie and Dui are pole dancing! That's pretty bold for the middle of a marathon! Susie looks ready to go again. Ruby and Misaki seem to be having a strategy session, but I think Wyatt is listening in!

Grreat job, everyone! Now let's head on into the second half of the marathon! As we round into Mile 14, the course turns through some absolutely GAWJUSS Texas bluebonnets. Sugar is taking a slight lead over Charlie, but Fenris is close behind. Princess Leah is taking a royal break to take in the scenery. And WOW! Look how grreat Bailey is doing pushing both his sissies in that stroller!

Look at Haley and Zaphod go! They're going to chase up to Dory if she's not careful. Walter and Bentley look like they're plotting to make a break. And isn't it great that Lily and Edward are staying together? Siblings are fun to run with!

I'm kind of worried about Roxy and Bella, though. Are they lost?

Huh, I wonder what Mayor Murphy is looking at over that fence?

...Um. Guys? You might, uh, want to try running just a teeny bit faster. Because, uh...

And he brought friends! STAMPEDE!!!

OMC, guys! This is total chaos! I think Angel Stanzie is taking slightly unfair advantage of her status to stay out of trouble. Lassie and Sarge are looking like they're in a bit of trouble there. Ranger and Sweet William are geared up to run, but I think Easy is just going to plow over everyone to get out of here! Millie is on the lookout for a way out. But I think Socks is totally in charge here -- he's just going to ride the stampede to a quick getaway!

RUN, guys!! Head for Sweet William the Scott's for Mile 16, and maybe you can lose 'em!


  1. Woah and look out, keep running!!! You are all doing sooooooo great. I love that you got to relax. Now watch for my pizza truck and I will see you at the finish line for foodables.

    Loveys Chef Sasha

  2. Gotta run fast, why I did not know running the bulls was a part of the Mayorz Marathon. I don't want one of those horns sticking it to me, if you know what I mean.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. OMD! A stampede! We NEED to get outta here! Are you sure we're only halfway through?

  4. oh that's not easy to run between that running steaks, huh? wait Bailey I help you a little with the stroller... :o)
    easy rider

  5. You know, I think a little dance break was all I needed to shake off the blahs and get ready for the second half of the race!

  6. Well, this course is anything but boring. Great running everyone!

  7. I can hardly keep up! This is such fun and your Texas scenery is spectacular. Mol mol Murphy must not have seen a longhorn until today!
    Madi your bfff

  8. Oh my dog! Benji is in the lead! He is probably on a sugar high from eating all the donuts at the pit stop. Lol. Go Benji!

    Thanks fur your birds eye view of the race, Pigeon the cat and Scribbles.

  9. Oh boy that Dui is a live wire :) and poor old Easy' ears flapping in the breeze hahahaah :) run guys! hugs Fozziemum xx

  10. I never woulda expected the race to be so dangerous. I guess that is what I get for going on vacation right before the big race. Everyone is doing such a great job. I'm glad I'm just cheering from the side, all that danger would terrify me!

  11. Bow Wow, first Big Foot and a Shark, now we have the running of the bulls and pole dancing! I'm so glad my sister Stanzie is here to watch out for me!


  12. That Dance floor was just what I was so much fun and loved the blue bonnets!!


  13. I'm so glad that I loosened up on the dance floor before the stampede! Walter and I will see y'all at the next stop! RUN!!!

  14. OH NO...Longhorn stampedes are the worst!

  15. LOOK OUT!!!!! It's a pack of Bevos!!!!!!!!!!!! (I learned all about Bevo from my Davy. <3 )
    What an exciting marathon! Great job doing the MC thing, Scribbles and Pigeon!

  16. Wonderful break...that music really got me wound up.....See my dust!

    Da Sus

  17. That was a close one with those big cows with those scary horns.

  18. Oh my goodness - the cows with the sharp horns scared the heck out of everyone!

  19. Well done, BRAVO! We thought we were done for with the stampede. Pole dancing in the middle of a marathon - great idea!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. Dis is soon much fun! A surprise around every corner. Well done.

  21. gosh I hope no one gets hurt in the stampede.

  22. Crikey ..... who knew marathons were so exciting. Did you see the horns on those things?? OMD .... I'm headin' for the hills!!!!

  23. 26 miles! I'm exhausted just thinking about this. Congrats to all the runners.