Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mums & Roses!

Yesterday was one of the biggest events in the LBR calendar. MUMS & ROSES!!! This is one of two annual sales we do every year that are the biggest fundraisers of our year. (Roses for Rescue is in April!) We had Tyler roses, gorgeous mums, and huuuuge pumpkins, along with other fall plants. LBR volunteers always turn out in force to help, and it's a grreat reunion with all the alums who come out to say hi.

LBR volunteers rocking the plant stand!

We set up a very pretty spot for people to take their fall family photos.

This year we had a few LBR celebrities come out to meet their fans. The fabulous Patches came out to meet his adoring public. Since it was pretty chilly -- we had a cold front come in and drop temps 20 degrees overnight! -- he had to wear a sweater. Since he's SuperPatches, he had to wear some super sweaters. First Batman, then he changed into his Superman sweater.

My good buddy Dr. Shammy came by too. Isn't he handsome, rocking his shamrock neck warmer?

But hey, slow down there, buddy! Stop making time with MY momma!

 Here's another good furiend of mine, Uncle Si! He's telling everybody what for.

 Hey hey HEY now! What is WITH everyone coming and sitting in my momma's lap?!?

We had a couple of very special visitors for Momma, too. See this cute pair? The guy on the left is Sarge, and his sissy on the right is Mimi. Two years ago, Momma went to evaluate them in a shelter. They were both super skeered, and Mimi was really sick and close to being euthanized for it! They found LBR foster homes, and Momma went to pull them from the shelter. They were separated in their foster homes, but then they were lucky enough to find a furever home together!! Momma has missed the last few times they've visited, so she was SO happy to see them!

And then there was the BIG one. The one Momma was so happy to see, she cried. She had to give him great big kisses and a HELLO from me too, because she knows how much I love him too. Can you guess who this giant guy is??

 I'll give you a hint -- his name starts with Baby and ends with AUSTIN!!!! Yes, that's right, our sweet little Baby Austin came by for a visit, and he's ALL grown up!!! Momma was SO happy and just gushed all over him. She had to get a picture with him. For funnsies, we pulled out our pictures from last year, when Momma got a picture of her holding him. Think he's changed a LITTLE over the past year?

We were SO happy to see him, and all the other LBR alums and fans who came out. And the big point? We managed to raise...


That's a WHOLE lot of kibble and vet visits for our dogs! Woohoo!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.



  2. THAT big buy is little baby Austin!?!?!? WOW!!!!!! It made our mom get all leaky-eyed seeing him hugging your mom! It doesn't get much better than that!
    Congratulations on a HUGELY successful event! Way to go!!!
    Play bows,

  3. Congrats on such a successful event?

  4. Wowzer...what a great event that was baby austin?????
    stella rose

  5. Casey, your Momma is the best for helping so many doggies. Give her a smooch for me:)
    And yes, I'll try to solve as many world problems as I can because, let's face it, the humans have dropped the ball (that's a bad thing.)

  6. That is AMAZING, its totally PAWSOME not only does it look like you had a great day filled with fun, doggies and pumpkins but you also raised a really great amount of money! Good job! I loved seeing Patches in his sweater looking good, bless him and even though you had to share your Momma, I bet you had a whole lot of attention yourself! What a wonderful post, great pictures! Love Frank XxxxX