Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ever feel unappreciated?

Sometimes I think all our hard work is just ignored by those silly humans. I mean, I do my job, and I don't expect a big fuss over it. But really, is a little ear scritch and "Thank you, Casey" too much to ask for? No, instead I get mocked.

Take Tuesday, for example. Monday were the big skeery storms in Oklahoma, and on Tuesday we were supposed to be getting storms here too. Big hail, high winds, and possible tornadoes. Momma tried not to act like it, but I know she was skeered. So I, being the wonderful compassionate dog that I am, stuck right to her side the whole afternoon, like glue, to reassure her. I know it helped. But the storm was getting loud, with all that thunder and stuff, and I was tired of it skeering my momma! So I decided to let it know who was boss. I ran right to the door and BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!! You stay away from my momma! I'm here, and I'm going to protect her! The whole rest of the storm, I let it know Casey was there and on the job!

And did my momma appreciate all my hard work? NO! She -- furiends, I don't know if I can even say it. It just hurts so much. She.... laughed at me.

Sniff. Let down, betrayed by my own momma. She told me, "Barking won't make the storm go away, Casey." She laughed and petted me and told me not to be skeered. ME?!?!? That storm was skeered, that's who was skeered! Not ME! The NERVE.

I may never forgive my momma for this. Well, at least not until the next time she has treats.


  1. Oh noes Casey! Humans are so unappreciative! Sounds to me like you did an excellent job of keeping the nasty storm away from your mummy xx

  2. they don't understand Casey.....sigh.......I know you managed to keep that storm under control but I hate to say this outloud, "well your Mom is just not smart enuf to know that.." Sorry, but it needed to be said.......we have lots of days like that at our house, usually involves fireman coming to our house tho.......
    stella rose

  3. Casey!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how MUCH I understand where you're coming from! I do the same thing when that nasty thunder comes! And, the momma, does she appreciate it? No. She says "Corbin, be quiet. Your barking isn't bothering the storm, it's interrupting sleeping hours!" Regardless of her blind, ignorant ways, I continued my barking, and ya know what? It might have taken a while, but that nasty storm went away and left us alone! Corbin wins. Momma knows nothing.

  4. Oh dear, Casey! Hoomans just don't understand us. I sleep through the storms so Mom can see there is nothin to be skeered about....but her don't listen to me either...just calls me a sleepyhead!

  5. Peeps are just a TOTAL MYSTERY. They have NO Idea how the REAL WORLD Works... and then Have the EXPOSED NERVE to ... BELITTLE our hard work.

    SHE should be ASHAMED of HERself. BUTT I guess that won't happen beclaws THEY never LEARN.l

    BUTT... on the UP side of this.... WE know what you did and WE are very much PROUD of your efforts.

  6. OH my word Casey! We need to stage a protest. Humans can just be so so so ungrateful. Laugh AT YOU? For doing YOUR JOB!?!

    I am outraged on your behalf!


  7. YEESH! WHAT is wrong with your Momma? Hmmm...maybe she was just laughing cuz that's what humans do sometimes when they get nervous. And then maybe she didn't want you to think she was nervous or skeered so she just TOLD you that. Yep, I bet that's what happened. Humans can be hard to figure out sometimes but I bet that's EXACTLY what happened!

    Either way, you did a good job and I'M here to say...THANK YOU, CASEY!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. How COULD she Casey?!! AS IF you were scared! Clearly you scared off the storm!! It isn't around anymore is it?! Hoomans... they don't get anything on account they are soft in the head!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Aw, I am sure she felt veyr protected form those big scary storms! I think you did a great job!

  10. Good job, Casey. The little bipeds lab Gypsy barks at all the storms too, but she isn't always successful in chasing them away - maybe she needs lessons from you.

    Glad you missed those storms. Can you try skeering them away from our area too?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. BOL. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat job Casey! I'm gonna have to try that (bark'n at the storm) the next time we gets one. My mom doesn't appreciate all that I do either. Like when I redecorate the living room and place my toys all over the place. I think it looks sooooooooo much better but NO… she doesn't appreciate all my hard work.

  12. tis our lot in life my friend. When I lick the sofa continually for an hour to let her know there was a crumb of Dentastix there, is she pleased? I think not... *sigh* Deccy x

  13. Benji snuggles up next to Mommy too during storms(like you said, to "protect her"). I know you weren't scared Casey. We appreciate you Casey!

  14. You did GOOD, Casey - really! Please tell your mama I said "Harumph!" Unless she's holding a treat. You know.
    We've missed you and Cinderella -- sorry we got so far behind reading again!!!!

  15. Awww, Casey we all know you are the most brave of all... You were just warning her of the storms coming... not being afraid! :)

    Such a pretty pouty face, though.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,