Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snuggle Saturday.

Did you know that snuggles are their own language? Really! There are LOTS of different things you can say with snuggles. Here's a little language lesson from LBR.

Mama Champagne and the Winos tell Auntie Sharon, LBR's pack leader, that there's no problem puppy breath can't cure!

Danica telling LBR foster Pink that the Cone of Shame isn't that bad.

LBR foster Emmy sez, "Foster momma, can you really let me go?"

LBR fosters Sync and Secret work on keeping their momma in bed.

"This is our bed. You should sleep on the couch."

"Everything's better when you have a furiend."

And Cinderella and I say,

We'd better rest up, because tomorrow's going to be an EXCITING day! Tomorrow will be my 500th post!!!


  1. we love seeing those pictures . congratulations on the upcoming post have a good Saturday ice is headed our way
    Stella rose

  2. You are so right!!! Snuggles are the bestest things in the world.

    We can't wait to read your 500th. We're coming up on our 1000th pretty soon. We'll have to have a contest or a giveaway to celebrate.
    Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties and the Pups

  3. I just LOVE all those snuggles! The picture of you and your very lovely sister Cinderella is the BESTEST!!!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH.... your 500th. Post... AMAZING!!! WONDERFUL!! Can't wait to see and hear all about such a fangtastic Milestone!!!

  5. Snuggles are wonderful
    Can't wait for your 500th post, that's a lot! I haven't even reached 150! ;)

  6. I'm pretty sure Miss Emma is gonna put me to sleep... I mean look at that face... so peacefulzzzzzz

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,