Friday, November 2, 2012

A foster tail

For Foster Friday, I'm going to share with everyone the story of a foster dog who's not a foster anymore, but she didn't get adopted. I doubt we'll ever have a stranger Foster Tail.

Bailey fka Calypso will know be known as Calypso AGAIN......

Sounds funny doesn't it?

Bailey was found by a neighbor after she was abandoned in the backyard of a house, starving to death. The neighbor notified animal control to come pick her up. Since the owners couldn't be found, a court date was set. A volunteer from LBR had to appear on her behalf so a judge could intervene and award her to Legacy Boxer Rescue.  The owners would have 10 days to appeal the judge's ruling. If not, she would become a Legacy dog.  Since this was ongoing case until the appeals deadline passed, Bailey was put into the BWPP (Boxer Witness Protection Program), never to be heard from again until it was safe for her to come out of hiding.  Now here's where the story really begins...

On October 4th, the day after the judge gave temporary custody to Legacy, we received an email from the animal control officer that he was able to contact Bailey's owner. It turns out her name was Calypso. Her owner is in the US Army Reserves and was currently deployed in Africa. He was scheduled to return to the US on October 18th. He had been deployed there since January and had no idea why his dog was abandoned. Turns out the person that Bailey was left with decided that she had more important things in her life than to take care of her!

October 17th was the deadline for an appeal of the judge's decision, so she became a Legacy dog at 5:00 pm. 

On October 18th, Staff Sgt. William Eberlin contacted LBR about trying to arrange a reunion with his dog. Now, we love a good reunion as much as anyone, but Bailey is an LBR dog now and we have to keep her best interests in mind. What happens if he gets deployed again? These tough questions had to be thought about. 

Fortunately, Bailey's daddy was able to allay our fears. I am happy to report that earlier this week, Private Calypso returned to active duty with Staff Sgt. Eberlin and kids.  Calypso's foster family has volunteered to babysit her any time he has Reserve training, and if he is deployed again, Calypso will be making a road trip to PA to stay at her grandparents.  She will furever be a Legacy Dog with all of her other cousins, but she has be reunited with her perfect family once again.

Thank you, Staff Sgt. Emberlin, for the sacrifices you make for our country. We're so glad we could keep Calypso safe while you were deployed to make our country safe!


  1. Just one more issue that military families face when deployed. I would've been FURIOUS at that woman!! Way to go LBR!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  2. Oh what a wonderful story made me little eyes water...i am so glad that she got to go home with her daddy and that he made it safely home also.
    there are people out there that look nice and you leave you furkids with them and they turn out to be evil! Mom had a cat for 8 years in germany and when it was time to come back to the states they left the cat, and money for their friend to send her back they never saw her again..some people just stink don't they!!
    I may be stopping by to see you on my quest to find my lost robot mom!
    stella rose

  3. Awwe, he be cryin'. I can't imagine what was goin' through his mind when he learned his Calypso had been abandoned.
    I is just thankful someone was ables to help hers in her time of need and dat LBR was ables to step in as well. Luckily, dis had a wonderful endin'.


  4. This foster tale brings tears to our eyes along with smiles. Calypso is one lucky pup to have been saved by LBR and then returned to her owner. Hopefully he has learned that not just anyone can be trusted with your beloved pet.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Oh we have tears. So glad that Legecy was there for Calypso and will continue to be.

  6. It is a wonderful story that the officer was able to be reunited with his beloved dog! Still, the question that begs to be answered is why did he leave the dog with such an irresponsible person and was that person charged for extreme negligence?!!
    Thankfully LBR could step in :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  7. Oh boy these stories....some humans!
    Benny & Lily