Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Friday!

In honor of my mom's favorite day of the week, today is FRIDAY FRIDAY! That's right, we're featuring the awesome Friday as our dog of the day! Isn't she beautiful? Everyone loves Friday, right? This Friday is no different. What a fun girl she is! At 14 months old, she is ALL boxer puppy and needs an active family, preferably with another dog that will play with her. She LOVES water, toys and treats. Most of all she loves running and playing with other dogs.
She is a curious girl and will stand up on the counters to see what is up there that's interesting. She has yet to try to steal anything. If you can't tolerate a dog taking a peek on the counter, then Friday isn't the girl for you. She also must be crated when left home alone. A boxer puppy left in a house full of things to chew is a disaster waiting to happen. Her foster mom will not waver on this requirement, so be sure you have a crate ready if you plan on meeting and adopting Friday.

Friday is very dog friendly and would be a fun girl to take on walks in the neighborhood or to dog parks. The more dogs to play with, the happier she is.

Fill out an application today at and tell them you want every day to be FRIDAY!

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