Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dog of the Day

Hi there! No, I haven't been slacking at all, but my mom/typist has been just awful about finding the time to let me update! Good help is hard to find. Sheesh. But we're back! How about celebrating with a gorgeous new Dog of the Day?


Drake is an incredibly awesome dog who my mom loves to snuggle with at pet fairs. She says he's one of the best kissers she's ever met! (I may start to get jealous.) He loves to cuddle up with his people and snuggle all day.

But why try telling you about him myself? Here he is in his own words...

"Yes, I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne. I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tape." Okay, so I don't really like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain. But, I'd really like to meet you! Please help me find my forever home! I am crate-trained and house-trained. I'm dog-friendly - heck, who wouldn't love a handsome guy like me?

While most boxers have selective hearing, it is important to note that my hearing abilities far exceed that of most boxers, as I can't hear anything - I am completely deaf! Please don't let that piece of information scare you. You could call me Drake, or you could call me something else totally different if you would like. I know some sign language and hand signals, and would really like a fur-brother or sister and a family who is anxious to help me learn more! My foster brother and sister, Zeke & Alabama, say that I can be rather loud when I’m in my crate. But hey, when you’re getting ready to stand-in for Smokey Robinson during an upcoming concert series, you need to know that practice makes perfect. No apartments for me if you want to have happy neighbors!

I think I'd like a forever home with one or two humans, maybe more, just no humans under age 10 - I have heard that some young-uns have a hard time communicating with me. It only took a few days for my foster dad to realize that I need to see his face when he talks to me, so I can pick up on his body language and hand signals. I'd also like to have a fur-brother or sister (maybe both?). He or she will help me adapt to my new surroundings, and it will be easier for you to let me know that I need to come inside if I'm busy romping around in the yard. Because I can't hear, sometimes I get startled easily, especially when I'm concentrating on the food in my bowl. My foster dad says there is an easy solution...just feed me in my crate!

I make a great armrest, so long as you'd like to give me a massage. At my foster dad's house, I get to spend time with Alabama and Zeke in a nice fenced backyard. He watches us when we go outside, just to make sure I come in when he calls for my buddies. I check on my foster dad a lot if we’re not in the same room – I want to make sure I know where to find him if Alabama or Zeke are getting into something they shouldn’t. I love, love, love squeaky toys and tug-of-war, and I am good about sharing my toys. I walk great on a loose leash and I would love to help introduce you to people in the neighborhood - perhaps a trip to Petco is in order? Please let me show you what an awesome boxer I am!"

Doesn't this amazing guy deserve a forever home of his own? If you're interested in meeting Drake, check out today!

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  1. OoH my him is a cutie patootie! Paws is crossed dat Drake finds his furever home soon!

    Woofs and LIcks,
    Maggie Mae