Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A great holiday thought from an LBR volunteer:

"An earlier post made me start thinking about the true meaning of this holiday season. So, I decided to make some Christmas magic of my own and played Santa's elf today when I picked up my foster from Midway and it felt FANTASTIC!

While I was waiting for my foster to be brought out from the back, a young (maybe mid twenties at most) guy was trying to hold back tears for his little dog that had been at Midway for days ~ she'd quit eating on Thanksgiving and had been sick ever since. He was trying to figure out how to pay for treatment (which he clearly couldn't afford) and asked the girl up front if he could make weekly payments. His total to date was $147 without boarding. When they went to check with Doc about payments, I asked the guy how his dog was doing. He went right into a treatment room and walked out like a proud daddy with some sort of hairy mixed Heinz 57 and then introduced me to Sapphire. I couldn't help the tears in my eyes. We have been right where this poor guy is. Sick dog, no money, little skin kids with holidays coming up. Front office person came back and told him he'd need to put half down and could then pay out the rest. He looked so defeated and I could tell he was having to make a very difficult decision.

So....I told him Merry Christmas and paid enough of the bill that he could keep the dog at Dr. C's until Sapphire finished treatment. I wish ya'll could have seen the look on his face. The poor man was speechless and almost started crying (he was doing the "manly thing" a guy like him would do and was holding the tears back) but then said very quietly, "God Bless you, lady" as I walked out with my foster.

The reason I'm telling this story is that I'm hopeful that there are more elves out there ready to do some magic, especially on the BIN page. I can't stand the thought of so many babies in a shelter or worse at this time of year."

See why I love LBR volunteers? They're the most awesome anywhere! So please take our elf's challenge and create some holiday miracles of your own! And if you're in the DFW area, please consider making that miracle taking one of our Boxers in Need. There are a lot of dogs that need a foster home really badly -- ones that are about to die in a shelter or who are waiting outside in the cold. Please be a holiday angel today!

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