Monday, November 15, 2010

Smell mail!

Oooh, pet fair! LBR holds pet fairs twice a month, and Mom always comes home smelling SO interesting. She won't let me come along -- she says everyone will cry when they realize I'm not available for adoption -- but she always brings me lots of smell mail so I can learn what went on.

Apparently my friend Alyce Ann put on a little fashion show. It's hard to find fashions that fit real-sized dogs like boxers, but Alyce says this fits and will keep her toasty warm this winter!

This is my buddy Ozzy, making his pet fair debut! He's an older gentleman, but he has lots of play left in him.

This pretty lady is Miss Celestial, also making her pet fair debut! Why is she so tired?

You'd be pretty tired too if you'd just finished raising a whole litter of puppies! (Hey, so this is why Mom had puppy-scent ALL over her. I'm jealous.) This is Taurus. He and his brothers Leo and Scorpio are on the look-out for their furever home. Their sister Gemini got adopted last week, and I bet the boys won't be far behind!

It's tough being loved all the time. Take it from someone who knows. Taurus eventually decided he'd had enough of being oohed and aahed over by everyone and slept away the rest of pet fair.

I can't wait for the next pet fair to see what cool scents Mom brings me!

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