Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Public Service Announcement – Life Jackets

Howdy, Peeps. Normally my dog duties simply involve heading up the welcoming committee at Casa Armstrong (that's mom and dad's crib). But today, since I'm about to hang up my puppy flotation device for the summer, I'm taking on the temporary role of Public Service Announcer.

You see, far too many humans assume all boxers (or canines for that matter) can swim like Phelps. And I'm here to tell you that you're sadly mistaken. As you can see below, I'm swimming challenged. But thanks to my Outward Hound flotation gear, I can paddle it out with the big swimmers and still live to bark about it tomorrow. (I'm not plugging the gear, but you gotta admit it's clever.)

Sure, there are plenty of boxer guys and gals that can hold their own in the pool. My boy Armani (aka Buster) swims like a big furry duck. As you can see below, however, he wasn't keen on my flotation fashion. He's saying, "You're wearing that? In public?" Whatever. Don't hate on a player.

The point is, before you allow your boxer to jump in a pool or a lake -- or in my case even a big puddle -- make sure he or she is a swimmer and not a sinker. (Stinkers are cool. Just not sinkers.)

Peace, love, and boxers.

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  1. You look great! I'm talking Mom into one of those jackets before next Wags & Waves.