Friday, April 9, 2010

Roses for Rescue

We had our spring Roses for rescue event last weekend.  Thanks to the hundreds of past adopters, volunteers, and rose-lovers that came out to support us! 

There were also lots of boxers out there on that beautiful weekend.  Even Mother Nature wanted us to have a great event, and that we did.  Sharon said we made enough for us to spay or neuter over 200 boxers!  Wow!

This is Hennessey and his foster mom, Susan.  I went out to the event for a couple of hours, but Henni was there for the long haul!  (And he didn't bark at the other boxers like I did - hehe)

Here is Jason in front of a bunch of roses.  He rode in my truck right next to me, and I got to slobber on him! It was great!

We're all looking forward to another great rose sale in the fall - don't miss it!

1 comment:

  1. Why does everyone else keep getting to go to all the cool events and I don't?! Hmph. I'm having a serious talk with Mom about this.

    Mom DID bring home some pretty flowers, and she let me run all around the back yard while she planted them. That was fun.