Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Remembering our princess

We lost Cinderella three years ago tonight. Momma still thinks of her often, and I've told Jessie all the stories about her so she knows who came before her.

Cinderella had a beeYOUtiful smile.

But she also had her serious side.

She loved being a true princess.

But she also LOVED rolling around on the ground.

She was a champion napper.

And an all-around pawesome sister!

 We'll never furget you, Ella!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Erin go bragh!

Since St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, this Throwback Thursday I thought I'd remember a few St. Pat's past with my sissies.

Cinderella loved her sparkly hair bow SO much. She insisted on wearing it every year.

I wasn't nearly as proud of my stupid shamrock head stuff as when I wore my pawesome kilt.

Then I decided to steal the bow and make it a super-cool bow tie. That made the stupid head thingies MUCH better.

Cinderella didn't care. She got a tiara!

After Jessie joined us, she reclaimed the hair bow.

The next year, I said NO to the stupid head thingies!

Much better with just my dapper tie, don't you think?

I wonder what Momma has planned for THIS year. Maybe she lost all our silly head things in the move?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Road trippin'!

Okay, so we had planned for this post to go up on Sunday for Madi's birthday, but it didn't. Momma blames Blogger, we blame Momma. Who knows. Anyway, here is our slightly belated pawticipation.

Our good furiend Madi the Diva Cat is celebrating her birthday today! She is 16 years old! That's a big milestone to reach. Our kitty sister Pigeon turned 16 in January, and she's always lording over us how very grown-up and mature she is. (WHATEV!) Anyways, the most impawtant part of turning 16 is that you can DRIVE! So Madi said that she wanted to celebrate her 16th birthday with a big Blogville ROAD TRIP!!

We're supposed to tell stories about a big road trip that we've done. Well, Jessie and I ride in the car a lot, but it's usually just to the dogtor or the park or to see Grandma & Grandpa or Auntie. Not really big road trips. In fact, we've only done one real road trip in our lives -- two years ago when we went to the furst Blogville Awesome Retreat!

We were SO excited to get in the car and head out in the early morning with our Momma. Jessie kept primping because she was going to meet Stanley in the furs at last.

It was very exciting! We touched our paws outside the state of Texas for the very furst time, and we crossed the mighty Mississippi River!

We spent a lot of time helping Momma navigate so she wouldn't get lost.

We discovered that Kentucky doesn't actually have blue grass -- it's green! Who knew?

AND we stayed in a hotel room for the furst time!! (We actually stayed in two -- one at the BAR and one on our drive home.)

It was a really exciting adventure, but we were exhausted by the time we finally got home!

We hope you enjoyed the story of our road trip in honor of Madi's birthday! You should go read all the other pawesome adventures!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Abandonment and welcome

On Wednesday, Momma cruelly abandoned us overnight forever at Auntie's house, just so she could go down and do some silly lawyer stuff in Austin. It was awful, having all our cousins to play with and getting snuggles from Auntie and sleeping in her bed and getting extra treats. (Okay, it wasn't ALL bad. Don't tell Momma!)

But because we are kind and generous and loving souls, we still welcomed Momma back home when she came back last night.

That's me and Jessie, of course. Cousin Penny is by Momma's feet, Cousin Bebe is squeezed onto Momma's lap, and Cousin Simon is by her elbow. You can't see Cousin River on the floor by Momma's right hand where she can be petted, and Cousin Frankie laying right under Momma's feet. Never say we dont' know how to say hello!

I hope we showed Momma how devastated we were without her and she'll never EVER leave us again.

Oh, and...