Friday, May 27, 2016

Rainy day blues

It's raining outside and there's NOTHING to do.


Hey Casey, I know what we can do! We can think about the BAR! It's only two weeks away!! Look at the pawesome travel kennel Momma just ordered for us. It's roomier than our kennels, so we can both hang out in there or one of us can have a little extra room if we need to chill out during the BAR. Plus it has tie-down stakes so we can use it outside! I think it's totally pawesome. 
Okay, Jessie, that's pretty cool. I guess thinking about the BAR is a good thing to do today. I can't wait to see all of our furiends! Will we see YOU there?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Battle!

OMD, folks!! Jessie here, and you'll NEVER believe what happened this morning!! I'm going to have to do a recreation, because for SOME reason Momma didn't get any pictures of it. She takes pictures ALL the time, but not of the impawtant stuff. Sheesh!

Okay, so there I was, innocently frolicking in the backyard...

All of a sudden, I sensed the approach of PURE EVIL. I turned around and saw...

OMD! What else could I do?? I SPRANG into action and bravely defended my home!

 Then I heard Momma calling me to come in, so I proudly trotted in and dropped my enemy's carcass right on the living room floor so she could see what I'd done for her!

Momma's reaction was... odd.

She was definitely proud, because she kept saying things like "I can't believe this!!" But she also kept moaning things like "baby bunny!!!" as she picked it up and put it in a bag. I'm sure she's taking it to the taxidermist so it can be mounted and displayed.

Didn't I have the BEST morning?!?! I'm going to take a nap now and dream about my mighty battle.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Birthday report! And Dress Up for Whitley!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Friday. I had a grreat day. Okay, well, furst Momma made me pose with something silly on my head. That wasn't so good.

BUT then Momma took me to SONIC! I can't have cheeseyburgers because of my kidneys, but I had tater tots instead and they were sooooo good!

After that, I went to Auntie's house and had a good long snooze next to her while she scritched me. How could it be better??

Also, today is Dress Up For Whitley Day, where we honor our recently departed Blogville Fashionista.

I decided to wear my pretty pretty ladybug costume.

Casey went a little more classic in his letterman's sweater.

We love and miss you, Whitley!

Friday, May 20, 2016

It's finally FRIDAY!!

YAY!! It's finally FRIDAY! OMD, Casey, that means what I've been waiting for is FINALLY here!!!

Yup, it's Flower Friday! Just look at how pretty our calla lilies are now!

CASEY!!! That's NOT what I meant!!

BOL, Jessie, you're so easy to tease! I know what you meant. Let's give the folks here a hint.

Aww! Casey, that's me! That's the FURST picture Momma ever saw of me. I was so skeered and lonely in that shelter. I didn't even know what it meant when the nice lady from LBR came and put me in her car.

 I know, kiddo. But it didn't take you long to figure out what the good life was all about!

Since they didn't know anything about me and getting out of that skeery shelter was a REBIRTH, Momma and LBR put that date down as my birthday! So that means...

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! The dogtor thought I was about a year old, so that day became my first birthday, and TODAY I turn two years old!!

We'll have the BIG pawty for your Adoptiversary in August, kid. But happy barkday, Jessie. You're the best little sister a guy could ask for.

Aww, thanks Casey! You're the best big brother too!!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Still waiting...

"Casey, is it Friday yet?"

"Not yet, kid."

"Siiiiiiiigh. I'll keep waiting..."

Parvo Puppies Pupdate!

It's good news! Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe are all having solid poopies, which is fangtastic! Rachel and Ross aren't doing as well but are still improving a lot. Signs are pointing to all remaining puppies pulling through!! If they keep improving like this, they'll be ready to transition from the vet to their foster homes soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...

Meet Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel!

These poor pups are being treated at one of our vets for Parvo. :( They've been in LBR's care for a few days now and are fighting hard. Sadly, little Monica passed away yesterday morning. Her brother  Ross stayed right beside her with his paw on her head the whole time. Rachel is also having a very hard time, but our vets are doing everything they can for her.

Please keep your paws crossed for these five sweet babies. Godspeed, Monica. I hope Cinderella is showing you around the Rainbow Bridge!

Pupdate: This morning our vet tells us that Joey and Chandler are doing well and are off fluids! Woohoo! Ross and the girls are still on fluids but have been improving.