Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter outtakes!

Momma says that today is Good Friday. It is a VERY good Friday, because Momma is off work and home with ME!! But she says that it also means Easter is this weekend.  So I had to pose with some stupid-looking ears? What the woof, Momma?!

 Momma, you gots defective ears. They won't stay on my head!

Oh, I's so ashamed...

Nope, not looking at you with these dumb things on.

 I'm just going to pretend none of this is happening...

Did I eventually let her get a good shot? Well....I guess we'll see on Easter Sunday! BOL! Enjoy the howliday, everyone.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Our angels are thankful to have Pigeon with them, because the roses in our memorial garden have suddenly burst into bloom! We're hoping to have her stone to add there soon.

Momma is also thankful the roses are still okay. We were predicted a really nasty storm with hail yesterday, but all we got was heavy rain. Hooray for our flowers and our roof!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pigeon is home

Pigeon is home and ready to rest at last. We got her corrected nameplate for her box, and now she has joined our other angels.

Momma painted everyone at different times through painting classes where they sketch your photo on the canvas and then you paint it. One by one, everyone's box and different mementos have joined their pawtraits. Momma put Pigeon's picture right next to Jessie's, because they were besties.

 I like being able to see all the angels who've come before me. Though they're gone in body, I know they're watching over us in spirit!

Friday, April 12, 2019


I don't remember giving permission for anyone to use me in a comic strip...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Pigeon is home, but frustrations!

Well, furiends, yesterday my sweet angel sissy Pigeon came home to us.

Her box is beautiful -- but it's missing something! When we picked it up, the plaque with her name on it was MISSPELLED!! Momma was so mad. The vet took the wrong plaque off and said they'll send us the corrected one to put on later. So she's still home, but it's frustrating. Also, Momma went to order Pigeon's memorial stone, to go with the others in our memorial garden.

Turns out the place that we ordered all the others from has gone out of business! We looked and looked to find similar stones, but apparently not many places do the reddish stones. So Momma ordered from someone with the closest she could find, sent them this picture, and asked them to please try to get as close as possible. Poor Pigeon, nothing's going right!

I'd also like to bow my head and remember my great-sister, Angel Jessie. She died one year ago today, kicking off what Momma called the "year from hell." I'm trying really hard to make sure that this year is better for Momma! But thank you for being such a good puppy to her, Angel Jessie. Momma misses you very much, but she's happy to think that you and Pigeon are snuggling and playing together up on the Bridge right now.

Reunited at the Bridge

Monday, April 8, 2019

Nurse Matilda and a reward!

This weekend I had to play Nurse Matilda a lot, because Momma got food poisoning or something and was NOT feeling good. Furst, I made sure that she stayed in bed to get rested up.

Then when she wanted to get up and start moving again, I had to remind her to take it slow and rest on the couch a lot.

She's an exhausting patient, let me tell you! But then she was feeling well enough yesterday afternoon to go out, and she brought me back the most pawesome present from Auntie Jess! LOOK!!

I'm Captain Marvel! Higher, further, faster!! Maybe with my new superpowers, I can go find my missing Flerken Pigeon. I miss her lots and don't know why she wants to spend so much time up on a Bridge instead of down here with ME.