Monday, September 22, 2014

A very special day

I didn't think we could move for a week after that pawesome Oktoberfest pawty, but I managed to rouse myself for a VERY special celebration yesterday.

Yes, my sweet sissy Cinderella turned 13 years old yesterday! OMD. I can hardly believes it. Just a few short months ago, when the nasty seizure monster was visiting her, Momma and I didn't think she'd make it to another birthday. So we HAD to celebrate this one in style.

You can tell how much I love my sissy, since I'll wear that hat for her. Siiiiiigh. Then Momma sang "Happy Barkday" to her. Cinderella did a quick quality-control test on the cake, then Momma blew out the candle for her.

Happy barkday, Cinderella! We hope you get to celebrate many more.

Now everybody go check out Frankie's blog for the big mayoral debate! OMD, I can't wait!

PeeS: Today is Elephant Appreciation Day! One of the very furst toys Momma bought me was an ellyphant. I still loves it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The aftermath

Oh wow, what a pawty! Thanks to everyone who came to Oktoberfest. It was a pawesome time! I think I'll just wait a few more hours to start cleaning all this up...

And now I know not to get into a drinking contest with Easy. Oh, my head!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy Oktoberfest!

It's time! It's time! I've been planning and planning, and now it's finally here! My sissy Cinderella and I would like to bid you Willkommen zum Blogville Oktoberfest!

Oh boy, folks are starting to arrive to my big pawty! I always knew I could count on the Furters to show up in style. Here's Sarge, Frankie, Ruby, Penny, Ernie, and Roxy all arriving together! Wow, they just look grreat, and SO German.

And right behind them are the Crabby Girls, Sheldon, Oceana, and Beachnut. They're clicking their pinchers in glee at the pawty decorations.

Here's Reilly and Denny, all dressed up to pawty. Everyone looks so grreat!

And look, it's the Doods! Mayoral candidates Murphy and Stanley have taken a break from the campaign trail to visit my pawty. WOW, how exciting!

Well, it's time for the pawty to officially get started. The humans' Oktoberfest is always started by the mayor tapping the furst keg. So here is our Mayoress Madi to do the sacred duty!

Way to go, Mayor Madi!! This is going to be a totally pawesome pawty. Cinderella and I have been working hard and erected a real German bierhaus. (That means "beer house," or "place to drink a whole whole LOT". I told you, I'm a German breed, I know this.) Bertie and Duncan have already grabbed their first mugs!

The Scots crew came up next -- it's Sully, Susie, and Sidebite!

Mayor Madi has changed and is ready to paint the town red with her date Raz!

Oh, it looks like Easy and Goose found the beer wagon too! I guess that means it's time to DRINK!

Lily and Edward say they'll keep us supplied with as much beer as they can carry.

Everybody's ready for a good drink. Lassie and Benji say "Prost!"

Sweet William the Scot needs a refill!

Whoa, here comes Angus! His bus broke down and he had to walk to make it here in time.

No worries, buddy, Misaki is ready with a cold one -- or ten!

Heading inside, there's some grreat food ready, courtesy of Chef Sasha! But furst, she's taking a moment for a quick tube steak with her handsome date, Frank the Tank.

Hailey, Zaphod, and Whitley are ready for the food!

And here's Ranger and Daisy!

Sarge is ready for some beer and pretzels!

The Critters in the Cottage are grabbing drinks too! (I think Mitalee is just going straight for the source and tapping the keg!)

How about some music and dancing? Wyatt and Stanzie will get us started...

And Ernie and Roxy are ready to hit the dance floor!

And OMD, would you take a look?! Some of our furiends saw the oom-pah band instruments lying around and decided to take a turn. Do we have a new star band in Blogville? Say hi to Stella Rose, Shasta, Prissy, Mona, Maggie, and Shiloh!

Wow, guys, I'm SO excited everyone came and had fun!! Kick up your heel and dance the night away to the oom-pah band! And don't furget to stop by Chef Sasha's to get all the pawesome food you can eat. As they say in Germany, PROST!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Well shiver me timbers! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So if ye not be landlubbers or want to be walking the plank, ye'd best put on yer best pirate gear and hop up to the crow's nest to keep a sharp watch.

Avast, ye mateys! I've put together a list of pirate phrases for ye to use this fine day:

Avast ye - stop and check this out or pay attention
Bilge-sucking - insult
Booty - treasure
Crow's nest - small platform atop the mast where the lookout stands
Davy Jones' Locker - fabled, mythical place at the bottom of the ocean where the evil spirit of Davy Jones brings sailor and pirates to die
Dead men tell no tales - phrase indicating to leave no survivors
Hang 'im from the yardarm - punishment of those captured in battle
Hornswaggle - to defraud or cheat out of money or belongings
Savvy? - do you understand and do you agree?
Scuttle - to sink a ship
Walk the plank - punishment in which person walks off a board jutting over the side of the ship while at sea. The consequence is drowning and a visit to Davy Jones' Locker.
Yo Ho Ho - cheerful exhortation to demand attention

PeeS: LBR raised $20,800 yesterday in North Texas Giving Day. WOW!!!! Thanks to all our pawesome supporters!

PeePeeS: Remember tomorrow is Oktoberfest!! Stop by here for a rockin' German party, with lots of beer, German food by Chef Sasha, oom-pah bands, and even more beer! It'll be fangtastic!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

And the verdict is...

Oktoberfest is a GO!! Momma said that she knows I didn't mean to do anything wrong and I've worked SO hard on this pawty, so she can't let Blogville down. Woohoo!!

And do you want some other super-good, totally pawesome, fangtastic news??

Osha is home!! She has improved so much that she got to leave the vet's and come back to her foster momma. She still has a long way to go, but this is a HUGE step!

Osha is just one of the many many boxers Legacy Boxer Rescue has helped over the years. And today is a day its awesome fans can give back! It's North Texas Giving Day, where lots of charities of all kinds in the area are competing to raise donations. The organization adds bonus funds to every dollar raised, so your donation goes much further. Plus the top fundraisers will win even more money for their charity! So if you can, donate to LBR today at this link. If you can't donate, please share the information with others who might help!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Apology Edition

Think she furgives me, furiends? Is Oktoberfest still on?? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 Uh-oh, folks! Momma just found out that I've been planning a big pawty without getting her permission furst. She says I'm GROUNDED!

I think this is totally unfair. I've been working super-hard on my pawty, and I didn't ask HER to do any of the work. Anyway, Cinderella's helping too, and you don't see HER being grounded. I wonder who told on me. I was sure Momma would never find out...

"Heh heh heh!"

Stay tuned, my furiends! I'll try and talk Momma around. I've worked too hard on this pawty! Oktoberfest is GOING to happen!