Thursday, June 4, 2020


Lately it seems like my toys keep disappearing. Like my goose here.

Furst his legs disappeared. Then his head. Then all his innards! The last time Momma and I played tug with him, he was making this weird riiiiiiip sound instead of squeaking. Now I can't find him anywhere. I was also playing with my trusty Yellow Ball last night, and he stopped squeaking too. I tried some surgery to figure out what was wrong with him, but Momma took him off to recovery just after I got the hole open.

But THEN the magic happened!

Look at my Orange Ball!! Orange Ball magically showed up in my toy box yesterday, along with Yellow Ball AND his twin brother, plus Banana, PLUS Piggy! Momma said something about busy boxers being good boxers. Whatever. I LOVES Orange Ball so very very much, and all the other guys too. I've been playing with them all since they magically appeared, but Orange Ball is my favorite. And he never gets tired of playing like Yellow Ball used to. Momma used to take him away just when we were getting REALLY squeaky and say it was his nap time, but Orange Ball is the strong silent type. I guess he doesn't need naps. How fun!!

Do your toy boxes ever magically produce new toys? I'm going to have to start checking mine more often!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Field trip!!

OMD, guys, you'll never GUESS what I got to do this weekend!

On Saturday, Momma and I went to our Best Guy's house. It was my very furst time to go there, and Momma said I needed to be on my best behavior. DUH!  I'm always on my best behavior! We went to watch the pawesome new SpaceX launch, which was very exciting!

But know what else was exciting?

Our Best Guy has the BEST Nature TV at his house!! I was just sitting on the couch chilling when I saw tree rats run right by and play on the big tree. They were a little shy and froze when I came to watch. But there was also a BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY who ran by a few times, and lots and lots of birdies!I even smelled a big kitty in his backyard I said I'd love to play with, but Momma said no, bobcats are not for playtime. Boo! But I hope I can go back and watch Nature TV some more.

Momma kept telling me I was So Good and she was so proud of me. I mean...duh. Of course I'm good. Humans like to say the obvious sometimes!

Monday, May 18, 2020

My hero!

Momma got a very special new pawtrait in honor of Angel Casey's Bridge anniversary last week. We all know that Angel Casey was a strong, brave pup who wanted to be just like his hero Captain America.

Introducing....Captain Pawmerica!!

Doesn't he look so heroic??? Momma just loves it! (Yes, she cried.) It came from a pawesome company called Crown & Paw. She immediately hung it up with the rest of our doggie pawtriture upstairs so he can look after the house.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Nature Friday

I finally made Momma take some pictures of me for Nature Friday. This is our front flower bed, which has finally burst into bloom. Momma calls the rose bushes "the twins" and talks to them when we come back from walks. BOL.

She's still trying to get around to cleaning out the back bed. (Like she has anything else to do. She spends hours on the couch!) It had beautimous flowers on the rose bushes a week ago, but then they got pounded out in a storm. Boo!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Has it really been two years?

We still think about you all the time, Angel Casey. Thank you for leading me to Momma and trusting me to take care of her for you.

Monday, May 4, 2020