Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventures in Bedtime

Sorry I've been gone so much lately, furiends. As I mentioned last week, Momma was sick a lot and I had to be Nurse Casey. She had a migraine for like 87 days, but eventually I helped her get all better. But it was just in time for her to have to go away on a conference for work! Can you believe the gratitude? Siiiigh. I had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's, of course, but I was super glad for her to get home.

So apparently Momma thought she needed to bribe us, because she came home with something pawesome today! A fancy new bed! Cinderella and I both checked it out.

 Cinderella liked it a whole bunch! She looked pretty happy with it and spent a while finding the exact right position.

Me, I thought it was okay. It got a lot better once Momma joined me. Anything's better when you're snuggling with your momma!

But you know, the thing about dog beds is... they're meant for DOGS! I know exactly where I really belong.


Thursday, July 24, 2014


 You saw them yesterday. Would you like an introduction to some of LBR's newest puppies? These guys are part of a litter of five pups surrendered to LBR.  First is li'l miss Blizzard.

Her brother Newman was named for his Paul Newman blue eyes!

His fellow heart throb is Redford, just like his idol Rob!

I know these babies won't take long to find their furever homes. I just loves puppies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

We are Blogville!

I'm a little late on this, but Momma has been sick this week and I've been busily nursing her back to health, then I had to post my anniversary post yesterday. So! Better late than never, right? The Doods, Murphy and Stanley, are doing a Blogville census. Please count us, we loves Blogville!!

There are four of us in our household. (Well, and Momma.) Furst, there's me, Casey!

I'm a handsome Boxer boy who will be turning six in October. I'm an official Boxer Ambassador for the pawesome Legacy Boxer Rescue and write the official LBR blog. (That means you can count a couple hundred LBR dogs in the census too!) I was adopted by my Momma almost five years ago. I like air conditioning, long walks, stuffies, my Kong, and snuggling with my Momma.

Next is my sissy Cinderella!

Isn't she beeYOUtiful? Cinderella is a boxer like me, and she'll be 13 in September. She's a very dignified old lady -- except when she's rolling around on her back in the grass. She loves that! She also loves belly rubs and lots of naps. LOTS of naps. I guess when you're her age, you've earned it, right? Cinderella was our very furst foster dog when Momma and I started fostering in late 2009. She was adopted and then returned a year later. That time, we couldn't let her go and adopted her ourselves.

Then there's my kitty sister Pigeon.

Pigeon is a 12-year-old American Shorthair. She's been with Momma since 2003, when she turned up as a stray outside Grandma's house. Pigeon has the most pawesome purr that sounds just like a pigeon cooing, which is how she got her name! She loves to play in boxes.

Finally, there's my kitty brother Scribbles.

He's a little mean to me sometimes, but I still loves him! (You saw us snuggling together the other day.) Scribbles turns 15 next month, WOW! Momma's had her longer than any pet in her whole life. He was the furst pet she ever had on her own. She got him just three days after she moved into her furst apartment. He loves Momma and naps and that's about it!

So that's us, Blogville! We're sure happy to be part of you.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Save a life, foster a dog!

Today is a very special anniversary. Way back in 2008, I was starting to lose hope. See, I belonged to a hoarder who got me as a cute little puppy, and as soon as I got a little older, I was tossed out in the backyard with a bunch of other dogs. I got sick with something called mange and lost all my beautiful furs. I lived in a dirt yard with no shade from the Texas sun -- and let me tell you, furiends, that gets HOT!

In May, some volunteers from a place called Legacy Boxer Rescue came to look at me. They told me that they were going to try to find a foster home for me so I could get out of the heat and get some medical care. I waited SO patiently, but after a while I started to think maybe it was just a dream that would never come true. There were lots of dogs that needed help, and only so many foster homes they could go to. Then...

My foster family came!!  I got to ride in a car and learn what air conditioning is. (Hint: I LOVE IT!!) I gave them so many kisses and tried to show them how very very happy I was to be with them. I know they could have chosen any doggy, or even not chosen a doggy at all. So many people say "I can't foster, I'd never be able to give it up again!" or "I can't foster, it would break my heart!" Tell me, does this look like a broken heart?

My foster momma, Aunt Joni, is the bestest person in the whole world -- other than my momma, of course!! She and Uncle Kurt got me all healed up and taught me manners and showed me what life was supposed to be like for a handsome pup like me. And then when it was time...

She let me go! She found me the PERFECT momma and sent me off to my furever home so she could help other pups in need just like me. It's the truest act of love.

So today, six years after a foster home saved my life, I'd like to put out this plea:

Foster a dog. (Or a cat!) There's a rescue near you that needs foster homes desperately. You can make a difference and change the life of a dog in need. We're counting on you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 'Scuse me, Momma. I see you has wallymelon. I also enjoys wallymelon.

Thank you, Momma!