Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We're okay!

No time for a full post, but Momma, the kitties, and I are all OKAY in our kerazy Texas storms. We haven't had any damage or flooding at our place. Momma and I were down at Auntie Amanda's this weekend for the end of Momma's Renny-sauce Faire. That got a little hairy! They had to close three hours early yesterday, their final day, and run like kerazy for shelter from the bad storms approaching. That made her skeered but sad that she didn't get to finish things off okay. But we hunkered down at Auntie Amanda's, and we're all okay.

Don't furget our big surprise on Thursday!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pink is his color

Scribbles is NOT happy with Momma, is he? BOL!! Momma noticed him licking at his stitches, and she didn't want to put him in the cone of shame because that made it hard for him to eat. So she pulled on one of Cinderella's old t-shirts instead. Ooooh, if looks could kill!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A surprise is coming!

It'll be a totally pawesome one too. :D I will reveal it to all of you next Thursday, May 28th! Until then, this is the only hint you get...

Let's see who can guess!

Oh, and thank you ALL for the amazing POTP you've been sending for Scribbles. He's doing well after his surgery and is even behaving with his stitches, so he doesn't have to wear the Cone of Shame yet. He said to tell everyone thank you! We're all waiting patiently until next week to get his test results.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chicks dig scars

I've been reassuring Scribbles that chicks dig scars. His is super manly and tough, don't you think?

The vet removed the nasty lumpie and sent it off to be tested. Because of the holiday next week, it'll probably be late in the week before we hear anything. The vet is pretty sure she wasn't able to get it all, too, because of how it was placed. :(  So right now we're just waiting to find out what it is, then we'll figure out a plan of attack.

Thank you for all your POTP this past week!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Good luck, buddy! With a good update!

So this morning I was hanging out with Momma this morning, just chillin'.

My kitty brother Scribbles came over for a chat, which is weird because he doesn't do that much.

But he told me he was a little worried about going to the dogtor for surgery this morning. I just listened, because sometimes the most impawtant thing you can do to someone who is worried is listen to them.

But I did give him one very impawtant piece of advice. I told him that whenever I'm feeling sad, I just remember that Momma loves me and will always take care of me. He said that made him feel much better!

Please cross your paws for Scribbles this morning as he goes through his surgery. Hopefully we'll be able to remove the nasty lumpie and figure out what's made him lose so much weight. Good luck, brother!

Pupdate: Momma just got a call from the dogtor, and Scribbles is out of surgery! They were able to fit him in early, so we got the call he was out before we even though he'd be in surgery! Momma will talk to the vet when she picks him up this afternoon, and they'll send the lump out for testing. But good news so far!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another Scribbles update

The test results are in, and it's good news and bad news. The good: results look pretty normal, with just a few minor problems expected in a cat his age. No impediment to surgery. The bad: that means there's no explanation for his weight loss. :(

Scribbles will be having surgery to (hopefully) remove the lump on Monday. Please keep him in your thoughts until then!

Update on Scribbles

My kitty brother Scribbles went to the vet yesterday to talk about a nasty lumpie Momma suddenly noticed on his side. The vet loves all of us (well, mostly me!) and fit them in very quick for an appointment. She felt at the lump for about two seconds before saying, "Oh yeah, that's gotta come off." Uh-oh!

But the news got even worse. When they weighed Scribbles at the start of the checkup, he was only 12.5lbs. He's usually 16-17lbs! That means he lost a quarter of his body weight. That's not good at all! The vet was super worried about that, and she drew some blood and stuff to test. The test results are supposed to be in tonight, and hopefully they'll shed some light on the reason for the weight loss. (It could be something like a thyroid problem or kidney issues.) But as long as they don't show anything that would make it bad for him to go under anesthesia (a worry with a 17-year-old cat), he'll have surgery ASAP to remove the nasty lumpie. After that, the worry will be whether the vet is able to remove the whole thing and what the biopsy shows it is. The weight loss could also be because the lumpie is cancer and it's spread a lot. :(

Thank you for all the POTP you've sent his way. Please keep it up a little longer.