Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stop wasting time, Momma!

Momma, aren't you supposed to be getting ready for work?

Yes, I know we're incredibly adorable and photogenic, but you're supposed to be in the bathroom putting on clothes and makeup and doing your hairs and stuff.

Seriously, Momma, enough with the pictures. You have to go earn kibble money!


Sheesh. Humans are SO hard to train sometimes.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Jessie's heart belongs to...


We visited Grandma and Grandpa this weekend, and Jessie sure poured on the charm for Grandpa! He's never been a big dog fan, but he kept talking about how sweet she was. Grreat job, Jessie! We also spent some quality time snoozing and playing with toys. (Toys at Grandma's house are just inherently better. It's a fact.)

I hope your weekend was grreat too!

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Bow Tie Day!

I've got THIS one in the bag.

Happy Bow Tie Day, everyone. Nothing will add more pizzazz to your look!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You convinced her!

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on our Travel Tuesday post. After reading everyone's advice, Momma has booked our hotel for the BAR (Blogville Awesome Retreat) in June! We're going to do some research on a good halfway point to stop both ways so we can book that hotel too. (Momma loved the idea of renting an RV, but the cost seemed a little high, especially with all the extra gas it would use.) We'd love any more travel advice you might have as time passes. Momma's going to get a soft-sided travel crate for the trip, for Jessie in the hotel and to have at the BAR just in case one of us needs a little time-out from all the excitement.

BAR, here we come!! 

We're SO excited and can't wait to see all our furiends in the furs!! So who else is thinking about making the trip?

By the way... don't furget that TODAY is the voting for King & Queen of the Derby over at Dory's Backyard! Be sure to vote for me and Jessie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can't be wordless, it's National Dog Day!

OMD, how could I be wordless today, when it's OUR day?! Today is NATIONAL DOG DAY, which means the whole day is all about US! (I don't really see how this is different from any other day, but it IS.)

So to celebrate, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from our recent photoshoot. I think I mentioned that Jessie and I are going to be in next year's LBR calendar. We had to get our pictures taken for that, and Momma thought it would be a grreat time for some family pictures too.

 I know. It's hard to handle this much gawjuss in one place.

 Jessie still needs to learn how to pose. She is NOT a professional like me!

Case in point. THIS is how you pose, kid.

 She finally got it! This was the best shot of the two of us. It's probably going to be the one in the calendar.

And the money shot! We loves our momma!! 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! There are more, so we'll share them in another post. Enjoy National Dog Day everybody!!

PeeS: Momma was updating her countdown to her next marathon, and she just had to share this pic! BOL

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Travel Tuesday Questions

Hi there, folks! Since today is Travel Tuesday, I thought it would be pawfect to ask all my friends out there fur some advice! See, Jessie and I REALLY want to go to BAR, the Blogville Awesome Retreat. Momma wants to go too, but she's worried about stuff she calls "logistics".

To get to the BAR, the map thingies tell us it will be about a 12 hour drive.Jessie and I are super good pups in the car, but we've never driven anywhere for NEARLY that long before. My top time is about 3 hours, and Jessie less than two. Momma knows she's have to make more rest stops for us but isn't sure how much that'll add to travel time.

And speaking of rest stops. Momma will be the ONLY human with us, so she's worried about things like how she goes in for HER rest stops. She can't take us into the fast food places or convenience stores she usually goes into, so she doesn't really know how that'll work.

With a drive that long, we're also going to have to stay in a hotel that night, plus the hotel at the BAR itself. We've also never stayed in a hotel, only at Grandma's house or Auntie's. Momma has no idea how we'll behave or what she should do to make us the most comfortable.

So we're turning to YOU, our pawesome furiends of Blogville. We know that lots of you travel a whole bunch, so I told Momma you would have some advice for us that would set her mind at ease. Don't let me down!

Monday, August 24, 2015


This sign stinks!

Well, kid, I guess you'd better take off.

Okay, just one DOG now, no DOGS. Can I go in now?