Monday, September 1, 2014

Montana Monday

I hope everyone has a grreat Labor Day. (Or for those not in the States, a grreat Monday. :)) I've had a totally pawesome weekend so far. Momma has been home almost the entire time. We've been hanging out in the living room most of the time, watching TV or a movie. Momma sits in her chair, sewing. I sit on the ottoman next to her or on the couch. The cats usually perch behind Momma's head, and the girls pick a dog bed and snooze away.

Montana has settled in SO quickly with us, I can't believe it's only been a few days! I wish we could keep her longer. She love love loves her walkies -- she goes on walkies with all of us in the mornings, and then in the evening she joins me and Momma for our longer, faster walk. (Cinderella stays home and naps for that one!)

Cinderella and I both like her a whole lot. Montana likes to go out in the backyard, so she and Cinderella like playing out there. Cinderella gave her a lesson in roaching and rolling.

I taught her about the impawtance of snuggling for your human's health. She got into it, eventually!

"Uh, are you sure this is allowed, Casey?" 

Then I dug one of my bones out of the toy chest so Montana could have a good sniff. She wasn't sure about it at first, but then she went to town! She lick lick licks that thing all day long now. I'm so glad she likes it.

On Saturday night, my boy and Auntie Jess came over so we could hang out and watch Doctor Who. I played with my boy as usual, of course, but Montana and Auntie Jess really bonded!

 I asked Montana if maybe she wanted to stay a little longer. She said that she loves it here but she really misses her momma. I can understand that! So we have her through Saturday, and I have a feeling we're going to enjoy every minute!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Osha update

It's been a while since I had an update on sweet Miss Osha. Unfortunately, it's not a lot of good news this time. Here's the update from her foster momma:

"It's been a long road with Osha, she's been well on her road to recovery with weight, skin, hair growth and so forth, her immune system and blood work was finally in the normal range, and It was decided that we start treatment for mange. The past 2 weeks have been heartbreaking for me as Osha started with a bad reaction that has been spreading rapidly. Steroids were started with other meds to gain quick control. It is imperative that she does not lick or chew! This has been a major chore. Collars of every kind have been purchased. Deafness creates Anxiety with all these devices, disorientation adds to her depression. Sores can't be covered. Osha is able to reach as a contortionist. I finally came up with a device. As funny as it looks, it has worked. Dr. Fuller is very happy with the healing of last weeks horrid outbreak, but new spreading continues rapidly. Scraping shows mange is dying at a fast rate, perhaps to fast, spreading strong reactions through a body that has already been through so much. Medication reactions is also still a consideration.There's also concern with her liver and not eating. I have cooked "everything" as well as syringed Baby Formula. I am relieved that Dr. Fuller will now Hospitalize Osha for a week. I have been extremely upset, but Dr. Fuller managed to put a smile on my face as together we had a good laugh over my contraption for Osha .... but hey ... if it works, that's all that matters .....  He will be using it. Please send prayers this week, we hope to get positive answers and healing!" 

Osha has so many folks pulling for her, I KNOW she'll get over this bump in the road and be ready for her furever home real soon. And isn't her foster momma super creative to come up with this alternative for a cone?? It looks like Osha's having her furs done, BOL. 

Please everybodys keep your paws crossed and keep Osha and her foster momma in your thoughts. I'll let you know more when we have updates!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our new houseguest!

Things are very exciting at my house right now. We had a special new houseguest check in last night.

Meet Montana! She's an LBR foster dog, and her foster momma is going out of town for a week or so. So Momma said she could come hang out with us! We did a careful inspect of her when she first arrived, but she fit right in with the pack!

We had a grreat get-to-know-you walk together last night, then all three of us walked together this morning. She goes a little faster than Cinderella prefers with her old bones, and she hasn't learned that the bunnies around here are just Bugs and his family, not the ninja spies like most bunnies, so she still tries to chase them. But otherwise she's grreat on the leash and just looooves walkies.

 She was a little unsure about everything last night, but when it was bedtime she trotted right into the bedroom with us. Momma didn't make her go in her kennel to sleep, but she went right in anyway and curled up all night. She said it's nice and cozy! She went in again this morning when Momma had to go for work, not a peep!

I think we're going to have a fun week. I'll share more pictures of Miss Montana as we get some better ones. She didn't want to hold still enough for the camera yet!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tongue Tuesday

LBR foster Rowdy is so excited he got sprung from the shelter to join the LBR family, he just can't help but let it all hang out! BOL!

Monday, August 25, 2014

A bad case of the Mondays

LBR foster Tessio says it CAN'T be Monday yet! He still has sleep to catch up on from the weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celebrate our golden oldies!

Did you know today is Senior Citizen Day? Well, it IS! And that means it's a day to honor all the older folks in our lives that make them so much richer. Momma and I definitely have some senior citizen love, because we're surrounded by seniors in my house. That's right! First there's

Scribbles! He's 16 years old. That's not too old for a cat, though. Momma says we'll have him around to grumble at us for a while still.

The next oldest is...

Cinderella! My beeYOUtiful sissy. She turns 13 in exactly one month. That's pretty old for a boxer, unfortunately. She's pretty deaf and blind these days, but she still rolls in the grass like a dog half her age!

Then our final senior is...

 Pigeon! My kitty sister is 12, but she doesn't look it. She looks almost just the same as when she found Momma 11 years ago.

Momma says she LOVES her golden oldies. Senior pets are the best because they've gotten their crazies out and know the value of a good long snuggle.

We'll have one more senior in our house soon, too. Guess who?

That's right, ME! My barkday is coming up in October, and I'll be 7. That makes me officially a senior, and I've got a nice gray muzzle to show for it. I think it makes me look distinguished, don't you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Grrrr

Wordy PeeS:

Thanks to all the pawesome hosts who hosted Safety Week, and especially Sarge and Sidebite for putting the whole thing together! Look at this grreat award that Reilly & Denny's momma made for all the hosts.