Friday, October 16, 2020

My own blankie??

 This weekend when our Best Guy came to visit, he brought a pressie just fur ME, even though it was Momma's barkday. It's from his momma, Auntie M, who loooooooooves me lots and lots. (And I loves her back!) I wasn't really sure what was up when Momma wanted me to jump on the new blankie for a picture.

 Usually you wants me to stay off the new stuff, you know.

What's that? It's MINE, and Auntie M sent it?

Ohhh, yeah, I can smell her! How nice!


Thank you, Auntie M!


Pretty soon I knew fur sure it was mine and was lounging on it all the time. What a nice pressie!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy barkday, Momma!!

 Yesterday was my momma's barkday! She took the day off work so we could hang out together ALL day. We've been rewatching old seasons of Survivor while we cuddle on the couch. It was pawesome! I did confide to Momma that with the Covid, I didn't have a chance to go shopping for her pressie. She said, "Oh, that's okay, Matilda. What I'd like most for a present is a nice picture of us together."


Well, no problem at all, Momma!! I will make sure we gets a picture that shows how much I loves you!


What do you means, too blurry?! I loves you so much my heart ZOOMS!! Sigh. Fine. I'll takes a regular picture.

I still think they're boring, Momma, but if it's what you wants.

Okay. Yeah, I loves you too. Happy barkday!

Thursday, October 8, 2020


 Momma is happy because she found out yesterday that she didn't break her ankle, she just sprained it. The best news from MY perspective is she isn't using that weird wheeled thingy in the house anymore. She said she only has to use that for more distance, like when she's at work. That means it lives in the car when she's home. YAY!

 I'm still working hard to make sure she rests and elevates and ices and all that stuff. Being a nurse is hard work! But she said that our Best Guy is coming over this weekend, so maybe I can get a little break!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Nurse Matilda on duty!

 OMD, folks, you will never guess what my Momma managed to do to herself.

On Friday morning, we wuz going for walkies just like normal before Momma gets ready for work. Everything was fine, then the next thing I knows, Momma goes flying and falls on the ground! I went to check on her and tolds her everything would be okays. It turns out she broke her ankle! OMD. It's her furst broken bone even though she's like 87 million years old.

She's supposed to be seeing a special dogtor sometimes this week to tell her how bads it is and how long it'll take to heal. Until then, I have to make sure she sits on the couch a lot and keeps her foot up. I am ON IT!! And OMD, she has this weirdo wheeled thingy that she puts her foot on and scoots around the house. I am NOT sure about this thing, and we can't go on walkies for a while. It's pretty strange around here. But never fear, Nurse Matilda has it covered!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What a bait and switch!!

 I'm really upset about dis one, folks. I have my own personal Piggy. Well, last night I got a little peckish and decided I really wanted some bacon. So I gots to work digging in, and...

Dere's nothing in there but STUFFING!! No bacon, no pork chops, no sausage! Can you believes dis??

I need to put a complaint in to the manager...

Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend shenanigans

 Momma was busy being funny this weekend. (But too busy to post about it. Sheesh, Momma!) Furst, Saturday was Bark Like a Pirate Day, and she wanted to make sure I did my part.

                                                                Avast ye scurvy sea dogs!

Anyways, Momma went to the store after THAT humiliation, so I thought the keraziness was over. But then she told me when she got home that a new dog jumped into her car at the store, and it was so skinny that her rescuer's heart just wouldn't let her leave it behind. So I has a new sister named Morticia.


 Momma says she'll live out in the garage most of the time and come out with Elvira and Raven to guard the house during Howl-o-ween. She said that Ichabod broke his hip, so she's not sure if he'll be out. Poor guy!! Hopefully she can help him heal up.

I don't knows WHAT else Momma would get up to if I let her!! Hopefully that's it fur now.