Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My hero!

OMD, folks, I saw the bestest movie last night! Momma got super excited at a package in the mail and popped it in the DVD player as soon as she'd opened it. And it didn't take long for me to be enthralled.

 "Momma, who is THAT?? He's so handsome! And brave!"

The movie was about the biggest doggie hero in American military history -- Sgt. Stubby!

Momma says that Casey talked about Sgt. Stubby once before, raising pit bull awareness. If you've never heard his story, it's amazing! He was a stray pup adopted by an American soldier in WWI and smuggled to the front in France. He not only was a unit mascot, he warned of gas attacks and bombardments, he helped find wounded soldiers, and he even captured two German soldiers all on his own! He was given an honorary rank and even earned medals for valor and for being injured twice in combat. When the war was over, he came home and did goodwill tours and parades. When he finally died of old age, his owner donated his body to the Smithsonian, where he stands as an inspiration to this day!

The grreat folks who put this movie together really made it a labor of love, and they fought hard to get it distributed. Thanks to their hard work, you can now find it on Amazon! Momma and I aren't getting anything for this review, we just really loved the movie and want to share it with all our fellow dog-lovers. Stubby's story is inspirational, and there are plenty of yips and barks to keep all our canine furiends interested in it too! I watched from start to finish.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Guard dog duty!

Woof! Sorry, guys, it was a busy weekend, and we didn't get to post yesterday because I was having to play Nurse Matilda for Momma. She caught a cold, which is apparently not as fun as catching a tree rat or your tail because she pretty much just laid in bed or on the couch and whimpered all day. But she's doing much better now, so I can tell you about how I saved my family's life this weekend!!

So on Saturday, Momma opened a Suspicious Package that arrived on our doorstep. Usually she'll explain "Oh, this is the gift I ordered for Grandpa" or something, but this time she said it was a gift FOR her. Except what do you think appeared??

Momma says the lady hanging from it is called Wonder Woman and we're going to watch her movie so I can see how pawesome she is. But Iiiiiiiiiiii dunno. She looks kind of suspicious!! And she makes a LOT of noise, hanging there in Momma's office.

So I made sure to let her know who is BOSS in this house!!

 I think we came to an understanding. She won't mess with Momma, and I won't have to rip her down and chew her up.

Also, Pigeon says something VERY STRANGE is happening this year at our house that's never happened before.

Momma's cards are on the left - 6. Ours are on the right - 4. Wait, Momma is BEATING US?!?! That's not supposed to happen! I think she MUST be rigging it, right???


Momma just learned that our dear furiend Bunny of Tales and Tails passed away over the weekend. We are all devastated. Bunny was a mainstay of Blogville for as long as we've all been here, and there was something very special about her. We are thinking of her pawrents and her siblings Flattery and Kuster as they try to get used to life without her. I know we will all miss her.

Friday, December 7, 2018


OMD, you guys, I'm starting to see why Christmas is so pawesome! The Boy and Auntie Jess came over last night, and they gave me my furst EVER Christmas present!!!

Oooooh. Aaaaaaah. 

I took a closer sniff at those bottles. It looks like the bottles Momma drinks from sometimes and says "not for puppies." But wait! Does that say DOGGIE Ale?

IT SURE DOES! That means I can have some, right Momma?? Don't tell me I'm too young, it's a PRESENT!

Momma poured a bottle in my bowl. I took a sniff and then sluuuuuurped it all down!!

It sure was good! It tasted kinda like apples. And peanut butter. What a grreat gift! But afterwards....

 Momma, I don't feels so good...

Thanks bunches, Boy and Auntie Jess!!

(Note from the Momma: 0.0% alcohol content!!)

OH!!! And I also got my furst EVER Christmas card!!! Thanks a lot, Abby Lab! That doggie on the card looks just like you! Right now Momma and I are TIED at one each. But Pigeon says we'll have WAY more than her soon.

 Me! - 1                                                            Momma - 1

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Truth in advertising

Recently Momma decided to take some pictures of me and Pigeon in some special Christmas bandanas. I was all up for that. But then I realized what horrible character assassination my bandana was!

"'I've been naughty'. Momma! SANTA reads these things!!"

I didn't understand why Pigeon didn't seem upset about this, but then I noticed she was being awfully sneaky about letting me read HERS.

 "C'mon, Pidge, why won't you let me read yours?"
 "No reason, goggie. Can't catch me!"

"Heh heh heh. So true!" 

 "If they're the same, I should be able to -- OMD! MOMMA! Did you KNOW ours were different?!"

"...Right. I see. I understand. That's just the way things stand around here." 

"Don't be sad, Matilda! I think you're the nicest goggie around!"
"Then I'll just borrow THIS!"

 "Ahhhhh. It's so nice to finally be appreciated!"