Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sometimes rescue work can be full of surprises! Look at my sweet cousin, LBR foster Shyanne. She's been at her foster home for a few days, and the vet told us that she'd probably recently had puppies. (Update: That was to explain why she looked pregnant. He said she wasn't pregnant, she'd just had puppies recently before she'd been rescued.) Well....

It's REALLY recent!! Last night Shyanne surprised everybody by introducing her son.

Itty Bitty LBR foster Shawnee

Then a little while later, out came her second boy!

Itty Bitty LBR foster Cherokee

Shyanne and her boys are doing just fine. They're all going to visit the vet today to make sure everything is okay.

 Welcome to the LBR family, little ones! We weren't expecting you, but it's so nice to meet you!

A little confusion

No, I'm not wondering if I'm really a dog today. But apparently my kitty sister is having a little identity crisis. See, her name is Pigeon.

But she thinks she's a parrot. BOL!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I bark, therefore I am?

Furiends, I had a bit of an existential crisis this morning. Momma was reading through her Facebook and saw an adorable picture of a Legacy volunteer's boxers in their handsome sweaters, since it's so cold out. One of that volunteer's "friends" posted that REAL dogs had fur and didn't need sweaters. Well, when Momma read that to me, I suddenly got worried.

...Am I real??

There I am, in my furs and my sweater, so this lady says I'm not a "real dog". That got me worrying, because if I'm not real, what am I? Am I just dreaming all this? What if I'm really something embarrassing like a tree rat?! Or what if Momma's the one dreaming me? That got me really worried, so I ran to the front door and started barking that those men in white coats had better stay away from my momma!

Momma told me that neither of us was making me up, that the lady wasn't saying I didn't exist, she was just saying I wasn't a dog. Hmmm. So that got me puzzling. What makes a real dog?

Is it fur? I have very thin furs and like to wear sweaters and coats when it gets cold. My Sibe furiends have huge thick fur. Other furiends have fur in between. But... cats have fur too. And bears. Cats and bears aren't dogs.

It can't be the tails. Cinderella and I have cute little nubbins, but other boxers have long whips of tails. Some of my furiends have thick rudders to swim with, or long lovely plumes, or cute little corkscrews. We have all different kinds of tails. But monkeys have tails, and so do tree rats! Tree rats aren't dogs!

What about a cute wet nose? Lots of dogs have that. But boxers have shorter muzzles, and pugs have cute smoosh faces, and labs have long pointy noses. Which kind is a "real dog's" nose? And Momma has a nose too, and I'm pretty sure she's not a dog!

I thought maybe it could be some cute furry ears. But that doesn't go very far either. Look at my handsome floppy ears, then compare them to Cinderella's little kitten point ears. Some of my furiends have big bat ears, and others have long droopy ears. But elephants and hippos and giraffes all have ears too! I'm getting NOWHERE!

Okay, so how about paws? We all have paws, so it must be the paws that make a dog. Mine and Cinderella's look kind of alike, though hers are white and mine are brown. My furiend's paws all mostly look like mine... but so do my kitty siblings' paws, and lion paws, and -- oh, this is no good at ALL! I just can't find anything that makes me a REAL DOG.

But then I thought of something. Something that absolutely makes me a REAL DOG without any doubt.

 My paws hold my Momma's heart. And THAT'S what makes a real dog.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Help animals in need with what you do everyday!

As part of our roles as Directors of Housing/Foster Placement and future Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes, Cinderella and I love to share ways that all of you can help animals in need. Of course, we want you to support Legacy Boxer Rescue, the pawesome rescue that saved both of us! But I know most of you also have other shelters and rescues that are near and dear to your own hearts. So here are two grreat ways to help whatever group you want to support, and it's by doing stuff you ALREADY do! How pawesome is that??

The furst is Amazon Smile. This works just the same as shopping at the regular Except you start our at instead of the regular site. You register what charity you want to support (LBR is on the list!), and then for every single purchase you make, Amazon donates a small percentage to your chosen charity! Check it out now and see if your favorite group is on the list. You can do all your holiday shopping and help a grreat cause at the same time!

The next one is WoofTrax. Just go to their website to download their app on your smarter-than-humans phone. Then every time you walk, you just start the app. It keeps track of how far, how long, and how fast you're walking, which is nice for the humans who like to keep track of those things. BUT it also will make a donation based on how far you walk to the shelter or rescue of your choice! There are also options for other activities than just walking, but we haven't used any of those so we can't say how they work. But we use WoofTrax for every single walk we take, twice a day. It's the best! Check to day to see if your favorite group is there, or sign up for Legacy Boxer Rescue (Hurst, TX)!

It's amazing how many pawesome opportunities are out there to help animals in need. A lot of grocery store loyalty cards will also let you set up a favorite charity to donate to based on how much you spend there. (LBR is signed up with Tom Thumb and Kroger, which is where Momma shops fur us. I'm sure there are others!) Do you know of any other cool things like this? Share them in the comments, and lets make the world a better place for all animals!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cabinet position

Cinderella and I are very honored to have served Mayoress Madi as her Directors of Housing and Foster Placement. This impawtant position allows us to draw attention to the plight of our less-fortunate brethren and work for the day when ALL animals will have a furever home of their own.

Now we're approaching the handover to a new administration.  Co-Mayorz Murphy and Stanley will continue to lead Blogville with the strength and vision of their predecessors. They have asked Cinderella and me to continue on doing our impawtant work as members of their new Cabinet. Our titles will change to Directors of Furiends in Furever Homes, but the work stays the same! Cinderella and I are honored to accept this position and hope to help Blogville raise awareness and fight to get every homeless doggy and kitty (and crab and turtle and anybody else!) a furever home of their own.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In honor of our military veterans

To all those who have served our country, both two-legged and four...

To those who stand on the wall...

To those who answered the call to protect us all...

THANK YOU, and happy Veterans Day!