Monday, August 19, 2019

It looks better this way!

A few weeks ago, because I've been SO good and well behaved, Momma finally took the baby gate off the top of the stairs and let me wander the office upstairs. I have a whole extra toybox up there, so I loved being able to run up and down. But this weekend, the baby gate came back out. And it's all HIS fault.

Apparently when you've been quiet for too long, Mommas come to investigate, and when they find you giving a little makeover to something they had on a shelf, they get all upset about it.

I regrets nothing. But I'm trying to figure out how to get that baby gate back down!! So far I've been standing there and barking at it to try to intimidate it to fall over. Any other ideas?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Momma remembered!

Phew, I'm not so worried anymore! Momma remembered to come back for me at the dogtor yesterday, AND she remembered to feed me! Thank goodness. I definitely gave her a stern talking-to about her memory when we got in the car.

It was kinda weird -- when I was at the dogtor, I felt really sleepy for a while. I think I must've fallen and scraped my chin, because it feels kinda weird and they had to give me some stitches.

The rest of the night, I just felt a little off and sleepy.

After Momma remembered to feed me dinner, we sat together on the couch. I propped my sore chin up on her foot, but I was so sleepy I kept sliding right off!

Today I feel pretty much back to normal. I hope I don't fall on my chin again, because that was weird!!

Update from the Momma: Matilda had a spot on her chin biopsied. They took samples from three places, and she got one tiny stitch in each spot. It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, she's just sleepy! We'll have the biopsy results next week.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Getting furgetful

Folks, I'm kinda worried about Momma. She's getting pretty furgetful lately. Like this morning -- she furgot to feed me breakfast, and then she furgot me at the vet!!! Maybe I need to hire an assistant for us??

Note from the Momma: Matilda's having a bump on her chin biopsied today. It's probably nothing, but I'm a bit of a nervous nelly right now with my pets, so we're checking to be sure. Please cross your paws that all goes well!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why so suspicious??

 Oh come on, Momma! I'm giving you some perfectly good tongue-out shots, and you're all suspicious now! Don't you TRUST me??

ba DUM... ba DUM....

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Innocent Tongue-Out Tuesday

 Yup, just a Tongue-Out Tuesday shot, Momma! Nothing at all to worry about.

 Tildy SHARK, do doo do do do do!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Belle of the ball

This weekend I gots the most AMAZING news from Momma! She told me that I had something very special to do. She was invited to something called a pool pawty . . . and they SPECIALLY invited me to go along!!

"Really Momma?!"

For some reason, Momma seemed a little nervous as we drove there. She reminded me about a MILLION times to behave and not jump on people and behave and be nice to the doggie who lived there and behave -- okay, okay, I gets it!!

Now, we don't have pictures of this pawt, because Momma was too nervous to bring her phone out. BUT . . . I was a HIT!!! As soon as I got there, I ran straight up to the nearest person to announce "I'm HERE!" and get petted. There were SO many people there, and every one of them wanted to pet me and fuss over me. A bunch of them were standing in this huuuuuuge water bowl, but I wasn't so sure about it. I'd go to the edge to let them pet me, but when they tried to encourage me to get in with them, I backed off. Don't they know you're not supposed to splash in your water bowl?

Anyway, I spent lots of time running from person to person, giving them plenty of attention. Summer, the doggie who lived there, and I sniffed at each other for a bit and chased each other around the yard a few times. But otherwise it was too interesting seeing all the people to waste time with a DOG. It was so exciting!! By the time they brought the food out, I was too tired to even remind them how much I also enjoy cheeseyburgers. I just sprawled out by Momma and let her give me bits of cheese.

All in all, Momma said I was definitely the belle of the ball! All I know is I had LOTS of fun, and Momma doesn't need to remind me so many times to behave next time!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

That's better!!

Entertaining yourself is fine, but nothing beats a good game of TUG!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Entertaining myself

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. Momma was at a conference part of last week, so I gots to chill with my pawesome dog sitter Cheyenne. Then Momma has been really busy at work, so she just hasn't had a lot of time to help me blog. I'm trying to visit your blogs as much as I can. Hopefully things will quiet down for her soon. Until then, I'm getting pretty good at entertaining myself!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

That's more like it!

Lucky fur all of us, Momma did something yesterday to take my mind off those "chunkbutt" comments. Remember how a couple weeks ago I told you it was Matilda Day, when I met Momma for the furst time and became Matilda? Well, I didn't go home with her then, because I needed to finish some vet stuff and she had a trip coming up. I came home with her and got officially adopted a couple weeks later. More specifically, a year ago YESTERDAY!!

So yesterday after she gots home from work, Momma asked if I wanted to go for a car ride. DUH, yes! But then once we were inside, she told me it was my adoptiversary and we were going to PetSmart!!

OMD, really?! Can I picks out a toy? Or two? Or three??

Yup, we went to PetSmart, where of course all the people were falling all over themselves to pet me. I let one lady and a few little kids, but I don't like it when big men try to pet me right when they furst meet me. But yes, I gots to pick out a toy...

Where do I start furst??

Not just A toy, but TWO toys, a new antler, and a yummy bone!! It's so exciting! I played with every single one of them last night. But before that, I had one other treat.

 No diets on birthdays or adoptiversaries, right Momma?

Yeah, Momma let me slide just a little and have my adoptiversary cheeseyburger. WOOHOO!!! After that I settled down to enjoy all my new toys and chews. What a grreat day!

I think I missed a spot.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

REALLY Momma???

Boy, Momma sure knows how to kick a girl when she's down! It was bad enough that I had to go in for my annual checkup and get THREE shots. It was even worse that the scale read higher than it ever has and the dogtor said I needed to lose a couple of pounds. But then my own beloved Momma started calling me CHUNKBUTT!!!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2019


Hey Momma, I know you liked having that other dog visit us last week, but you better remember...

 You're MINE!!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Our Fourth of July Adventure!

Wowza, folks, I was expecting something exciting for my furst Fourth of July with Momma, but I didn't realize what I was in for! Let me set the stage...

WHO'S THAT?! BOL! If you were following Momma's Facebark yesterday, you saw his picture. But he was a complete surprise to me. And no, he's not my new brother...though we thought he might be for a little while! So yesterday morning, Momma and I were taking our walk, stretching our legs, talking about what we might do for the Fourth of July. And all of a sudden...

"'Scuse me, coming through!"

Yup, this handsome guy just ran RIGHT up to me! He kinda startled Momma. But he was very sweet and friendly and didn't have a pawrent anywhere around. So Momma grabbed the flappy end of his collar as a leash and wrangled us both back to the house. (Momma says wrangling is definitely the right word, because I wanted to play with him SO BAD and he wanted to give her hugs and kisses.)

 "Wow, Matilda, this is nice! Can I stay here for a little bit?"

Momma brought him inside, took a few pictures of him, and got him some food and water while she and Auntie started frantically posting on all the lost & found sites. He had a collar but no tags, and all the vets were closed for the howliday so she couldn't check him for a microchip. But we didn't mind. We played a LOT, I shared my treats, and we did a lot of this.

 He had this cool little deal where instead of just sitting for treats, he'd sit and then wave his paw in the air for Momma to take. She kept saying "shake" and giving him extra treats. This is very curious. I'm going to investigate further and see if I can get some good results that way too. I'll keep you posted!

He sure started to feel at home with us! Momma was starting to say things like "How would you like a big brother, Matilda?" She didn't know if he'd ever find his home, because the Fourth is SO bad for missing dogs. BUT THEN!!! Momma decided to take him on a drive around the neighborhood to see if anyone was out looking or had put up signs. She drove around for a bit, asked a few people, but nothing. Then she stopped to ask a lady walking her two dogs -- because people looking for dogs ALWAYS stop to ask the dog walkers! -- and guess what?! Not only had she just talked to a guy looking for his missing dogs, but she had his number! She called him, and he was there in just a few minutes. And....

Our visitor WAS his missing dog Chappo. Chappo was VERY glad to see his daddy and jumped right into his car. Momma told him goodbye for both of us and thanked him for being such a good houseguest. Oh, and Chappo's daddy said that his other dog Lady was also missing. When Momma told her, Auntie checked on the dog sites and found that someone had already picked up Lady!! So she passed on Chappo's daddy's number, and Lady made it home too. Don't you just love a story with a happy ending?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

PeeS: Entirely too much credit is going to my momma for my Royal Pawtrait. She only filled in the colors, like a coloring book with paint. The credit goes to the employee who sketched out the pic and MOSTLY to the gawjuss model who provided the inspiration. Make sure credit is going where it belongs!!

Monday, July 1, 2019

A Royal Portrait

Some of you may remember Momma's adventures in painting. She goes to this place where they draw your pet's picture on the canvas and then walk you through how to paint it. Pawfect for someone as unartistic as Momma! BOL. She's done all of my great brothers and sisters.

So this weekend, she finally added her MASTERPIECE to the collection!

I look kinda skeery without eyes! Momma called me Little Orphan Tildy.


She was very proud of herself when she was done. But she had to get it through the toughest art critic before it could truly be a success.

It's like looking in a mirror! Thanks for my furst royal pawtrait, Momma!