Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Monday!

Some Mondays I need all the help I can get remembering to be happy and cheerful. Fortunately, new LBR foster Odd Thomas doesn't need any help at all. He's loving his new life as part of the Legacy family!!

PeeS: Remember to send your pics for my Halloween Bonfire Roast to dreagoddess(at)gmail(dot)com by this Friday, October 25th!

Double PeeS: Don't furget to vote fur my buddy RAICON to help LBR win $10,000 from Fuzzy Nation! Unfortunately, you need a Facebook account to vote, but you can vote every single day!
Vote HERE from mobile devices and HERE from computers!


stellaroselong said...

I know what you mean Casey about being happy on Mondays...did we already send you our pictures for the bonfire? We love odd thomas's name, we have read those stories also.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

What a happy dog Odd Thomas is!!!! OMD we need to get Mom on the stick and get our pictures in to you for the bonfire
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Sue said...

That is such a happy looking fellow. We're happy for him, too.
Morgan, Sebastian, the Porties, Syd and Mac

Sullly said...

BOL Bestest smile ever.

Aroo to you,

Frank The Tank said...

Odd Thomas, thats fab, he looks incredibly happy to me! I'm looking forward to seeing the Halloween Bonfire! Here in the UK we have Halloween and then Bonfire Night on 5th November so this is like two celebrations rolled in to one for me! BOL! Love and Licks from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

LP said...

Are you sure your name isn't , Ecstatically Happy?!! :p

the critters in the cottage xo

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


WE sent our pics fur the BonFire... Wouldn't want to miss THAT... It will be SOOOOOOO fun.

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

I've voted:-)