Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet fair!

Boy, Pet Fair is SO much fun. There are awesome LBR dogs all over the place, all ready to give boxer kisses and snuggles to anyone who comes by. I don't go to PF anymore because I've already found my furever home, and Mom says everyone would (naturally) want to adopt me if I went so it's not fair to the other dogs. But Mom goes and gets lots of smell mail for me to catch up on all the news. Let's see what we have...

This pretty girl is Tulia. Her coat's in pretty rough shape right now because she had a lot of nutritional issues. But she's eating right now, so she'll lose that boniness and grow a proper sleek fur coat soon. In the meantime, she's as sweet as can be!

Look at Reno pose! He's such a handsome guy, and he listened to his foster mom so well.

This handsome guy is Pepper! He's still just a puppy, just under a year old, but he was really calm most of PF. Mom said he was getting loved on by all the little kids and just soaked it up.

And here's Nikiya! Mom just LOVES her She's only 5-6 years old, even though she's got a pretty gray face, and she's very calm and sweet. You can't see them in this picture, but she has sassy pink toenails!

Look at that pretty Miss Demeanor concentrate! I think someone was holding a treat. Mom said Miss D got lots of attention from the kiddos too. She doesn't do real well in PF, because all the strange dogs around stress her out, but she has some furbuddies at home she loves to play with.

Look, it's Joplin! This little girl got lots of attention for her beautiful coat and because she's still so tiny.

Don't forget Heath! He may have toffee in his head, but he's definitely a good boy. He loves to lay in the "frog dog" pose with his legs splayed out behind him, soaking up that nice cool tile.

Maybe you should come to our next PF and meet these awesome dogs for yourself! LBR has a PF twice a month, once in Garland and once in Hurst. We also sometimes have another PF on the off weekends, trying out some new dates and locations. You can check the "Meet Our Boxers" tab on LBR's website for all the info.

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