Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please Help!

Hi all, we realize the economy is tough, and we have really tried not to beg for money this year, but alas, we must. We're seeing an unusually high incidence of parvovirus this year, and throw in one broken jaw and one broken leg, and well, the funds are dwindling to say the least. And while we have lost a couple of the parvo babies, that doesn't mean the bills for trying to help them aren't still there. We always give it our all to save our boxer babies.

If you can help us make our goal of $6,000.00, no matter the amount, we would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for your continued support!!!

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Flirt - Parvovirus - Cost $1,736.52

Huey - Parvovirus Cost $431.05

Boss (RIP) - Parvovirus Cost $214.75

Mitzi (RIP) - Cost Unknown, bill will arrive after June 30th.

Spirit - Broken Jaw - Cost $2,835.04

Angel Baby - Broken front leg and fractured pelvis. Cost is estimated at $1,607.50, surgery will be this week.

Mulligan, new boy. Emaciated beyond belief and heartworm positive.

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  1. Mom and I are putting our change together for a donation! Come on, folks, if everyone gives just a few dollars, it adds up to a lot of groceries for Mulligan!